The Beginning- The Story

Welcome to my blog! This is my first! I can’t wait to share so many stories, my passions and even struggles. Oh, and if you haven’t figured out yet, I’m from a small town. I grew up in the small county of SLO in CA. (There’s more about my background in bio). I still live here in this small city, Paso Robles. Here I will share things happening local, news in my jobs and other fabulous rants. Also, I’m a Disney freak so I’ll post tons of Disney blogs! You won’t wanna miss it!

One of my favorite local beaches in Cayucous, CA.
One of my favorite local beaches in Cayucous, CA.

I can’t wait to start writing more and more! Being an English major has its perks, and having a blog will be one of them! It’s always fun to edit my friends’ essays for their college English classes or fix little typos at one of my jobs. Being a writer would be a great title to have. However, I personally like editing more. Sure, I’ve probably edited this first blog 5 times and re-written it twice. But hey, it makes it that much better! I’ve learned in my classes that the better you edit to start with, the less work you have later. I’m pretty sure I live my life by that code. I’d rather vacuum at 11:00 at night instead of doing it tomorrow when I wake up. That way, I have more time to myself before work! I know, silly right? Or if I have a story to tell, I have to get it out before I forget it. Otherwise, it isn’t as exciting. Well, to me it’s not because it happened two days ago. But that’s the girly part of me coming out. Where was I? Oh yes, writing and editing…

I have gotten really into writing since high school. That is, I wrote when I had time. I was dancer, and I still am. I now teach at a local dance studio. Dance has been my life and even though I love it, it has it’s issues. Even as an adult teaching, I feel it’s never enough. If it was I wouldn’t have two jobs! Seriously though, dance has taught me a lot. Like writing, it doesn’t come naturally, you have to practice– and even edit!! I will be sharing dance things on here as well. It’s hard not to since I’ve been apart of that world for literally my whole life.

Anyways, I hope this blog helps me in my life. Weather it’s getting to be a freelance writer online or just relieves some stress! Either way, I’m excited to write and have people read it. This is just the beginning!


The Happiest Place on Earth! It's like my second home.
The Happiest Place on Earth! It’s like my second home, but better!

One thought on “The Beginning- The Story

  1. Kylie,
    First of all, congrats for creating a blog of yours.
    First)You have all the necessary qualifications like English Major….
    Second) You have natural flair of editing; very difficult for many……
    Third) You know perfect time management……..
    Fourth) You are very hard working………..
    And above all; do you know one superb quality you possess?
    Your writing is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    Because, while going through daily post Blogging U comment, by chance; with pure coincident; I just clicked on your blog and believe me since last few hours I am on your blog!
    It gives me immense pleasure to find your blog and definitely will come back whenever I will have a spare time; I think, both of us are sharing some common passion like writing & editing!
    So, don’t you think we should communicate more with each other through the various blog post written by us in comment section!

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