5 Reasons to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday

It’s Small Business Saturday! Another spree of shopping for Christmas for gifts. I have my small Etsy jewelry shop. You can shop today on sale items and even use our coupon code for today only that’s 20% off your entire purchase! Small businesses are the most important to buy from. Why? Here are a few reasons…

1) You are supporting local businesses around you… Even if you order online from a small business, you help them to keep making more unique things!
2) Shopping Small can get you more personal gifts
3)It reduces environmental impact! There’s less pollution & habitat loss.
4) Buy what you want, not what big stores tell you to buy! It’s all your choice on how much. Any purchase makes a big impact on a little store.
5) Tons of people around the world are doing it, TODAY!!!

Here’s my coupon code for 20% off your purchase of $15 or more today only!
There’s tons of items on sale for 10-15% off on my shop. There’s also a coupon code for 10% once this one expires which is good for Cyber Monday. Visit Stranded by Kylie here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Strandedbykylie
Happy shopping & enjoy Small Businesses! #shopsmall

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