3 Things People get Wrong about Disney Movies!

Here’s a list of common mistakes people make when talking about Disney & it’s movies. Not just cartoons, live action films as well. I’m a Disney freak so brace yourself… 

 (Re-edited 10/21/15)

1. Not ALL Endings are Happy.
It’s true, MOST of the endings are happy, magical and dreams coming true. However, there are a few movies that don’t end on the BEST notes. I’ll give you 3 examples.

 1) Fox & the Hound— Yes, one of the saddest animal movies Disney made. At the end, after the gnarly bear fight both Todd & Copper are in, Copper does save Todd from his owner who wants Todd dead. BUT, they DID NOT end up becoming BFF’s again like they were as pups (baby foxes are called pups too). If it was a true magical ending, Todd & Trixy would move back in next door & life would be perfect. 

2) Old Yeller— another animal movie. Now, this one is a really old movie and Walt was big into realism at this time. That’s why Old Yeller had to die. Also, the movie is really depressing most of the time. It’s great that they end up with a new puppy but he’s not the original “Best dog in the West”. It was a very sad movie that didn’t have THE best ending. 

Lastly, example 3) The Hunchback of Notre Dame— I know, this one is obvious. Quasi doesn’t get the girl, or any higher social status besides the hunchbacked bell ringer. He does get acceptance which is amazing. But really, as an adult, he’s hurt because Esmerelda didn’t choose him over Phebus. I would be too! This movie showed how not every main guy gets the girl in the end. Also, looks DO matter in this sad world.

2.There are Several Movies People Think are Disney but aren’t.
Here’s a list cause this just drives me nuts when people mix these up! Especially when they think some princesses are part of the Disney Princesses. Big No no!
1) Anastasia. Yes it’s as good as a Disney movie but it was done by Don Bluth & 20th Century Fox.

2) Thumbelina, done by Don Bluth (he’s done most of these… Maybe because he used to work with Disney & helped with The Rescuers?).

3) Swan Princess, directed by Richard Rich who also directed Fox & the Hound with Disney.

4) Shrek. Oh yea, this gets messed up a lot! The Shrek series was done by Dreamworks. Tons of animated movies from Dreamworks are looped in to Disney just because they are animated or look like Pixar movies.. (Hint: Madagascar) But there’s a BIG difference when you look at how many adult jokes they throw in.

5) The Land Before Time series, by Don Bluth, one of my favorites he’s done.

6) All Dogs Go to Heaven. Another Don Bluth beauty.

7) The Pebble & the Penguin. Don Bluth AGAIN! Maybe it’s all the music in these movies that people get it mixed up with Disney.

8) The Wizard of Oz. Warner Bros did this amazing step forward for movie making during its time. It was the first color movie made! The wonderful land of Oz is not Disney’s sadly. And even Google thinks that Disney’s “Oz the Great & Powerful” is a legit prequel when it’s not. It’s Disney’s twist on it just like the musical Wicked. In my opinion, Wicked is way better..

9) An American Tail/Fival movies. Also by Don Bluth. These are great, but think about how depressing they are… Not exactly Disney spirit!

10) Balto. Yes, it’s amazing. Yes, there’s a happy ending. However, it’s based on a historical event– where else have we seen that?…. Not much in Disney films. 

3.Disney doesn’t Always have One Parent Missing from the Picture.
Plenty of people have discussed this, and even blogged about it. Well I am here to prove them wrong, there are plenty Disney movies where BOTH parents are involved in the main character’s life at one point. There are few that stay through the whole movie( I’ll note it though).
Here’s some examples: 

1) Hercules. He may get taken from them but they BOTH are there the whole time.

 2) Lion King. Yes, Mufasa dies. But Simba DID have both of his parents together in the beginning. And he kinda still has Mufasa (in the sky & in himself) in the end. 

3) Brave. Merida has BOTH her parents the whole time, even if her mom becomes a bear.

 4) Marry Poppins. I know, Disney didn’t write the story to this but the Banks family stays in tact. Nobody dies in that movie! 

5) Sleeping Beauty. Aurora may be taken from them but they are alive. She also had awesome fairy aunts! That’s a great family! 

6) The Princess & the Frog. Ok, ONLY in the beginning does Tiana have both parents. But Naveen never lost his! 

7) Peter Pan. Wendy’s parents never get hurt. They aren’t even touched. Yes, Peter & the Lost boys have no parents if you wanna argue that. But the story isn’t mainly about the Lost Boys, is it? And in the original story they all get adopted by Wendy’s parents. 

8) Tangled. Yes, Rapunzel is the lost princess but it is truly amazing that her parents didn’t die of depression.

 9) Mulan. Her Dad may be hurt from the past but BOTH parents live in the entire movie. Even her old grandma! 

10) Tarzan. I know it’s a stretch. His parents do die but he ends up with two families! His biological & the gorillas. The biological side may be dead but that’s a minor detail.. 

Well that’s my first Disney rant! Thanks for reading, & please share! I’ve got tons of fun facts to write about later 😉


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