Headache & PIMA

This post may be a little long. If you ever feel like this at times please like or comment..

In my past, I have had my ups and downs. And every time I start to get better, you come back around. You are my headache. At least once a year if not more, you show up like every pop up on my laptop. It’s a bad virus that I want to delete but you keep infecting it, infecting me…. No to you equals give me more. Yes to you means time to leave. Therefore, you are a constant headache.
There’s also the pain in my ass (PIMA haha) who likes sloppy seconds. Mine to be exact. He/she/it are obviously clueless to you. But pretty soon, you turn into their headaches too.
So, please go. I don’t want you to stay. Years ago I’d be different. I’d play hooky for you anytime. Now, Life is too short to deal with your pain.
Make up your mind as well! Do you want me or not? Or will you stick with PIMA who’s also an idiot?
From you both all I get is abuse. I get pain, and I go insane since your always confused. If both of you can’t deal with how I feel, then move on & stay way.
I don’t need the pain in the ass & the headache in one day.

Thanks for listening to my little vent!

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