Music for the Mood

Here is a song for the night. Here is a song for how I feel & how you may feel. I will always pick a different one, add some history, & a link to YouTube to listen to it. I like all kinds of genres so stick around & you may see one you love!

Tonight’s choice is a Billy Joel classic, Why Should I Worry. This song is on Billy’s album, “My Lives” but was known best as a song from a Disney Movie. The song & Billy Joel played in the Disney Classic, Oliver & Company, which was released in 1988. The movie was about a kitten named Oliver and his search to find a home. In the process he meets a family of dogs and their broke master. Dodger–played by Joel– was the lead dog of the pack who becomes pals with Oliver. And yes, this movie was based on the famous story of Oliver Twist. This was a better version of that story, updated to appeal to kids of that modern time. I know I still loved it in the 90s!! If you haven’t seen the Disney Classic with this song, your missing out, big time!
Here’s a video from the movie of a scene the song was in. I hope you enjoy! I know I do. Oh, let me add, the version on this particular YouTube selection is sped up a little in the song & raised in octave higher. If you want the original, look some more on YouTube OR just watch the movie at home.
Hint* watching the movie is THE BEST choice. 😉

All history was found on Google or already known by me personally.
Once, again, enjoy!

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