Music For the Mood II

Here is a song for today! Here is a song for how I feel & how you may feel. I will always pick a different one, add some history, & a link to YouTube to listen to it. I like all kinds of genres so stick around & you may see one you love!


Today’s post is a really great one. My music for today is Believe by Cher! This song was released in 1988 in her album which was also titled “Believe”. Like almost all of Cher’s songs, this one has a certain tone & beat to it that rocks. I first discovered this album Christmas a couple years after it was released. My Nana bought me her greatest hits album titled “The Very Best of Cher”. This album was Cher’s 22nd album. It was nominated for several awards including Grammy award for Record of the Year. “Belive” recieved a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording. Cher also had a concert aired on tv that I watched. She played songs from this album and many more! One of my dance friends’ Aunt was Cher’s choreographer, Doriana Sanchez. My friend even got to perform for Cher in her Believe performance. Last year, that same dance friend was one of Cher’s backup dancers as well! You can say I liked Cher for many reasons. Her music was great to dance to, I had a friend who knew her, and my Nana saw her & Sonny in concert when she was a teenager. Here is the official music video for Believe. the video also shows off one of her coolest hair styles (wigs) that Cher has. Then at the end she goes back to her beautiful long black hair. Enjoy the video from YouTube if course!

This song is how I feel about love right now. It might even be about someone 😉 The song also gets me goin and is fun to sing along to. Hope you enjoyed the video and will get the song, if you haven’t already! Who doesn’t love Cher, right?

All facts were found on Google or my personal albums. Pictures from me.

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