Words to My Life

Hello! Here, I will write how I feel. It is written in not exactly a poem but more like lyrical text (lyrics). It will always be different and I will try to post these more often.

December 26th, 2014
I should feel merry. I do feel happy. But at the same time, I also feel blue. Yes, you could’ve called it a “Blue Christmas” but it makes no sense as to why. All I know is, it makes my words run dry.

I hear from someone, it seems once or twice a year. Most of the times, it’s only when your near. This year, you chose Christmas morning. I was off guard and hadn’t expected to hear from you.
I do not understand all the reoccurrence we have. Nor do I get why we even try to talk. We always end up about to cry. We always fall back in love. And in the end, you fly off like a dove;
Always on the move, but never changing.
Always calling me wanting the same thing.
I cannot do this to myself or my heart. For we ALWAYS end up falling apart….

I want to feel happy when you call.
I should smile at your texts. But all I seem to do feel the regret.
Things could’ve been so different if we didn’t part.
Things could be different if we didn’t start. And everything would be different if you hadn’t stole my heart.
I know I am over you but you haunt me still. It is in my dreams where you can give me a thrill.
It all starts again as if it where new.
Then I wake up and there is no you.
You told me you loved me so why did you go….

I loved you deep and I thought you did the same.
But every time you call again, it’s all just a game.


Thanks for reading! This one was deep but I needed to get it out!

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