2015 Here We Are…

Happy New Year everyone!! Now, I could be like everyone else & post or blog about all I want to do next year–or should I say this year?– to better myself & my life. However, since I don’t think I need a diet & I believe in fate, I’m not vowing to change. I mean yes, I will try to eat more vegetables since I hate them and always eat fruit. Maybe I’ll even take more walks. Who knows! All I know is every time I try to set a goal & push myself, it last for 2 months tops. Why? I’ll tell you.
My life, like all humans, gets crazy busy. We try to keep that shape or daily exercise going. But in the end, we do one of three things:
1) We give up because we get over it and hate how long results take.
2) We keep going because we have nothing else to do and we like it.
3) Fall in love and let all the worries go because that person loves us for who we are, not what we hope to become or look like.
Personally, I want # 3. Who doesn’t?! I may not know where I’m going but I know I just need love & family in my life and it’ll be perfect. So, I hope that all you readers see what’s important in your life. I hope your all safe tonight & enjoyed every minute of living. I know I have been!


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