Give Me Back My TV Shows!

So, this morning at 4 am (yes, THIS morning), I made some discoveries that really irked me. Now I know your wondering, why was I up so damn early?! Well, I woke up to a strange noise which turned out being my cat eating a bug. After, I couldn’t go back to sleep (can you say “insomniac”!). P.S.– This post turns into a long rant.

Anyways… Let me recap yesterday’s events. Yesterday morning, I finally finished watching Pretty Little Liars, Season 4 on Netflix. I know, I’ve been way behind forever. But hey, I think that’s pretty good since I only started watching the series in August 2014!
Further, I discovered that Netflix doesn’t have the next season on it yet… None of it! It took me a while to figure out that the Christmas PLL Premier was not the beginning of Season 5. So, I went on a mad search to find another way to watch those first 14 episodes so I could just record the new part of the season (which aired last night) on my regular TV.
This is what I found:
There is literally almost no way to “watch” those first episodes. Nothing on YouTube, nothing even on Hulu- no I haven’t signed up for it. I was hoping Netflix would do the trick. Less bills!
When I woke up this morning my mind flashed to that last scene on the last episode of Season 4 where Mrs. DiLaurentis was being buried! I started searching for a way to catch up-since I knew I wasn’t gonna go back to sleep for a while. Still, I found nothing. However, I did find a site/blog that gave me full, detailed recaps on all the episodes. Even going back to Season 1! The website is, and they did a fine job of cluing me in all morning. So kuddos to them!!

Now, before that I found that ABC Family had a way for me to watch the recent shows I missed (episodes 9-14). So after my reading, I went to watch Episode 9 of PLL and it directed me to the App Store to download the ABC Family WATCH App. Before I clicked the “get” button, I saw it had a 1.5 star rating. Feeling cautious, I clicked to read the reviews, and there were tons. Even from this new year–that we’re only 7 days into! One review sounded like I felt: “it’s stupid that they don’t let you watch the entire new season of Pretty Little Liars.” I couldn’t agree more. Another review stated this: “Zero Likes! How am I supposed to put in a cable provider if the one I have isn’t on the list. DirecTV is a big company! WTF?!”.
Wha?!! It sounded crazy. I kept reading more. Apparently, ABC Family’s app makes you tell them your TV provider. Then, you have to login to your provider. Now, that is just bullshit! Why should we HAVE to tell them who our TV provider is & give them our secure information? It’s a little odd.

I was able to hook up the app since I had my moms provider info handy. She has Dish & I just downloaded the Dish app with the Dish Sling. It’s pretty bomb. I can watch all the shows my mom has recorded @ her house, on my laptop or iPad. Now, where I live (with my Aunts), we have DirecTV. If I didn’t have my moms info, I would be stuck. ABC Family isn’t that great of a hookup when it comes to lost shows. Neither is ABC regular. Their episodes online work until half way through the show. Then, it freezes up- and no, it’s not the internet connection. My mom & I discovered this after trying to watch a lost Grimm episode!

I know, this post has been a long read. All in all, people wouldn’t have this same problem to begin with if 2 things were different.
1: ABC & ABC Family weren’t so stupid & let us watch the damn shows without hassles of logging in.
And 2: Netflix got all the current seasons of shows as they aired on TV. IF both of those were better, me & millions of other people wouldn’t have these pain in the ass issues. Give us what we want!!

In the end, I will be able to watch Pretty Little Liars, S5, Episodes 9-14 and get all caught up. But what about those people who can’t? All those college kids like me; too busy & impatient to wait?! If your one of them, go on and start reading!! #PLL fans like me, I wish you all the best if luck! Kisses….
And to someone who’s higher ranked than me, maybe you should get Netflix or Abc working better. I know ABC is losing tons of viewers since shows get messed up/lost, or interrupted due to News & crap. Sorry, but you can tell me about some court case results AFTER I watch Dancing With the Stars!! Lol For my #DWTS fans, you know what I’m talking about…
Netflix, get with the times & get the new live episodes of shows as they air! Oh, and hurry up on releasing the new season of Orange is the New Black. #OITNB Rules!!

Thanks for reading!
All pictures found on Google or ABC

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