Words to My Life II

Hello! Here, I write how I feel. It is written in not exactly a poem but more like lyrical text (lyrics). It might not even be written that way– depends on my mood. It will always be different and I will try to post these more often.


January 6th, 2015
“Everything you told me was a lie.”
This line has been used in a few movies and TV shows. In one of my favorite movies as a child, the Lion King, Simba says this to Scar towards the end. And as I just watched yesterday, on Pretty Little Liars in season 4, Aria says this to Ezra when she finds out the truth of his past.
Like Aria, I’ve felt this pain before. For me though, it’s not so raw as it was before. At least, not anymore…..
I hadn’t felt it right after a break up like she did. No, instead it was when that same ex got under my skin before this summer started.
He lied.
He lied good & cold.

I had heard of his lies before, but those weren’t to my face like this one.
And when I figured this one out, a part of me died.
Instead of crying or puking, I started drinking.
We were at the local fair, me & my friends.
And when I kept seeing him everywhere, I thought the night would never end.
So I may have acted stupid and I may have drank too much.
But now he’s the one who gets to feel crushed.
Not me anymore.
No chance, no way.
I won’t even give him the time of day. I’ll be nice to his face, but I’ve got one better.
Because I know my lies to his face will make him a regretter.

“We are men of action, lies do not become us.” This was once said on the Princess Bride by Westly. I would love to agree, but I can’t.
I’m a woman, not a man.
So I don’t have to agree!
It feels better already to be thinking about me.

And I’ll stick to it, cause I’m breaking free.

Thanks for reading!

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