Blogging 101: Write to Dream Reader

So, as I have been trying to keep up with the challenges, I am now behind. That happens I guess! So for this challenge, I am supposed to write to my dream reader.

My dream reader is someone like me. I know that’s a bit cliche but hey, it’s the truth! My reader CAN be everyone. I believe that the person who would enjoy it the most would have similar interests.
This person would like the beach (that’s my theme). They would also like anything Disney. I already have two Disney posts & I know I’ll be making more. I also love to travel & will be posting about those trips. I’ve already done 3 Disney Line cruises! They are awesome.

Another thing my dream reader would be is committed. Commitment to my blog would of course be ideal. Possibly, they might even shop on my Etsy shops. That would be even cooler! I have a simple request: follow me & leave me comments! I love the feedback!!
Obviously, readers must be interested in reading blogs that they connect with. I may not be a parent, professional photographer, or the BEST writer out there. But I do know that this blog is starting to become my life. I love writing & blogging. I just hope people like what I write about too.

Thanks for reading!

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