Daily Post Photo Challenge

Ok. Today’s photo challenge was using shadows. Luckily, my mom & aunt have a local photography business! So it was not hard to find pictures. However, I got stuck & chose two pictures. Why not?! The first one, is of me! We had a practice photo session & they took tons of new pictures of me. I was also using some jewelry to promote in them as well. These photographers love to use natural lights & shadows. It’s kind of their signature. Which is pretty cool! All the pictures look really beautiful with that natural light. Oh, and did I mention their business name? It’s Julie & Dawn Photography.

2015/01/img_0401.jpg Now, the second one was a fluke shot they got when we went to the local tide pools last summer. This little crab was hiding from us in a rock. As he started to disappear into the shadows, my mom snapped this shot. It is so trippy! And one of my favorites.

2015/01/img_0402.jpg Thanks for viewing! I hope I met the challenge. It was hard to find but fun to write. Here is the Facebook page for Julie & Dawn Photography: https://www.facebook.com/photojd2013?ref=bookmarks Give them a like! Shadowed

I must say, somehow on the mobile app this originally posted on the commons. I don’t know HOW since I posted to my own site. Does anybody know why exactly we can post on the commons? I don’t quite get it. And then it gets confusing. Sorry, I went on a tangent! Lol

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