Music for The Mood: Michael Jackson Mix

So, this is my 3rd Music for The Mood post. Here I post what song(s) I am in the mood for or even currently listening to. Here is a song for how I feel & how you may feel. I will always post a different style, add some history, & a YouTube link for a video. Enjoy!

018 Today’s pick is a couple songs. My inspiration: MJ One show in Las Vegas. So yea, its a Michael Jackson post! Don’t worry, I’ll stick to two songs. That way you’re not overwhelmed by his awesome-ness. He may be dead (RIP MJ), but his music still makes him the King of Pop.

1) The Way You Make Me Feel– This song is one of my favorites. I did a dance to this song in 2009/2010. It had a weird theme but the song quickly became embedded in my brain. “The Way You Make Me Feel” was originally released on his album Bad in 1987. According to the book, Jackson’s Number Ones, he wrote this song after his mother, Kathrine, asked him to write a song with “a shuffling kind of rhythm.” It is pretty cute how he still listened to his mother. This was the third of 5 #1 hits from the album Bad. Honestly, I do love that “shuffling kind of rhythm” he put into it! Michael performed this song at the Grammy’s in 1988. Then he performed it again in a concert special in 2001 which aired on CBS. Here is a link to the amazing video of this song. The dancing is great, just like the music. And check out that girl’s legs! And that hair..

MJ feel

2) Beat It– Here is my 2nd favorite. Beat It was close to that time of the Thriller album/song. I mean, who doesn’t love Thriller? In fact, Beat It was in the Thriller album which was released in 1982. This song was a key note in his ride to super-stardom. Written by MJ himself, this song made a big influence in expanding his viewers. Not to mention that Michael was the first black artist to have his own airtime on MTV, regularly. This song was also inspired by the famous film & musical, West Side Story. When you watch the video, there is a scene in the beginning where two groups plan a fight. This is how the song is brought up. Beat It won the Grammy for “Record of the Year” & for “Best Rock Vocal Performance” in 1983. It was also featured in the 1989 film of Back to the Future 2. Crazy, right?! This song had so much history. It also had a great beat which was why America loved it. I still love it. Don’t you? Here is the link to the music video. This-to me- has one of his best dance scenes besides Thriller.

mj beat it Michael Jackson has always been a huge inspiration in my life. I love his music & dancing. When I went to see the Cirque show, “MJ One“, my family and I were in complete awe. The next time your in Las Vegas, go see the show. You will understand what I mean. Especially if your a fan of Michael Jackson.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the music videos!

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