Dreams Aren’t Reality*

We know what they are, even what they can look like. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good, bad or even scary at times.
Have you ever had those dreams that felt SO real that even your body itself didn’t want to wake up?
I have. It’s been a while and when I was younger they were considered “night terrors”. Those are most common in kids & usually the parent has to wake them up. The last one I had was my Senior year in high school.
But all that changed when I had another vivid dream over this past weekend. And this one, it was too real in a too good way.


Now, I can’t give you readers FULL details on this dream & it’s storyline. However, I will reveal the certain sensory memories that stayed in my mind after I woke up. Some are still in my head today…
* Skin. His skin was so soft. Softer than ever before. Softer with every touch.
*Rain. It rained in the entire dream. It may have even snowed! And all that weather made it colder.
*Blue. This color seemed to be everywhere. The sky, the shirt, eyes, my keys, a car. And I’m talking beautiful bright blue.
*Silence. There was not much sound except for voices. Mine and the two people in my dream. One voice remains in my head.
*Glowing. At one point, everywhere I looked there was a glow. Around the sun, in the room, etc. I guess you could say it was me feeling happy? It was an odd, dream view. Lol
*Changes. Changes in the sky, the lights, in my body, that face, even that place. Everything was different but also the same.
*Pain. In my chest. I can’t breathe. Or am I just shocked? Am I crying happy tears or sad ones? Pain that hurts me, hurts him, and I can’t stand it. Have I felt this before? When I was awake?
The pain comes again when I open my eyes, forcing myself to wake up.

I know it was just a dream. Do I wish it was real? Part of me does, and the rest of me says no. All I do know is, this dream can’t ever come true. It may have been happy but it’s all impossible.
Especially when I know how the real world works.
And these dreams don’t always come true…

The End

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