Inspired by my Blog Neighbors, Blogging 101

As I’m catching up once again on the challenges from The Daily Post, our previous assignment was to comment one some blogs we follow. Now of course, we have to pick one & write about it. Mind you, I only commented on these earlier today so it took some time to find the right one. A couple drafts of this post were made.
I do think it is a little odd to be doing this (since normal blog posts don’t always consist of writing about other bloggers). But oh well, I gotta stick to the challenge!
SO, the comment I gave that I’m discussing was to the blog post is a post which speaks about McDonalds in some states giving books in Happy Meals. What?! It’s very exciting! I’m so glad they got that idea. Now, I’m not sure if it will happen in CA (where I live) but it would be cool. My sister is 6 and I know she probably wouldn’t care much but it would push her to read. It’s a positive enforcer really.

So, where was this blog posted? Well, it was posted by a blog titled Write me a book, John! Here is the link to the exact post. And spread the word! Who knows, maybe more McDonalds restaurants will start doing what these ones are.


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