Back to Work X3

So, after a great Christmas break, this week is my TRUE week back to reality. Last week, I got pink eye- which ended up actually just being an allergic reaction- so I was out the last two days of the week. Also, I was barely scheduled at JCP.
Today and 2 other afternoons this week I teach at AIM (Artistry In Motion). Now, that is a job in itself. But it usually isn’t bad, I get to dance, get to talk with parents, and have some fun. Working here has boosted my career as a dance teacher. Who knows IF I will stay in this job role for the rest of my life or just a short time.
As of last year, I have also taught at an elementary school, Pleasant Valley. It’s a super small school, grades K-8th, under 200 kids I would guess. I taught an after school dance program last spring. Now, instead of that, they have asked me to help choreograph dances for their upcoming play at the end of February. Starting this Wednesday, I will be working with the different grades for an hour in the morning, twice a week. Each grade (or class, some grades are combined) has its own dance. So I have to teach them during school. It’s going to be very cute. The play is about the kids going to space to save their teachers from Aliens. LOL This will be a LONG 6-7 weeks but at least I’m getting paid!
Now, this is giving me a big boost of teaching dance on top of working my part time schedule at JCP.
I will say, I like the dance world WAY better than corporate world. But is dance me dream job? I’m not sure. I really like to write and especially LOVE editing. On the other hand, I also like creating my jewelry & scarfs. I just wish it would kick off already! I have a plan to spread the jewelry around but it’s still in blueprint mode…

Check my posts for more info on my etsy shops. I will be posting an interactive blog in a few hours so please respond! I need feedback 🙂
Thanks for reading!!

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