Grimm on NBC – possible SPOILER ALERT

Ok, it’s Friday & my mom & I finally got caught up on Grimm. The part 2 of season 4 just came back to us last week. Thank the lord!!

After the busy holidays, we are now up to speed on the TV series Grimm on NBC. Let me just say, these last few episodes have been AMAZING!! So intense, so much changing, and of course lots of killing of bad Vescens. ~For people who watch the show like we do, what’s not to like?! Nick is super hot, and he saves us normal humans from the crazy shape shifters– they call Vescen.
The episode that aired tonight was so intense my mom & I were so glad we didn’t watch it live. TiVo rocks.. Things were changed with Juliet (who was a normal person) and I can’t wait to see what she does about it next week. But Nick -her lover- STILL doesn’t know! How did they even get away with that?! I was waiting for her to change in front of him or at least in front of Rosalee! (I hope I spelled her name right)
I’m also glad that Monroe & Rosalee finally get to go on the late honey moon. And Monroe is safe. That was a crazy “trial” he had in the woods.
On another note, Sargent Wu is FINALLY clued into the Vescen world. I had expected they would do it sooner-like when he went insane last season. He is going to be another comedic relief in the show- like he was before and like Monroe, but human. Well, actually every character (except maybe the Captain) has some funny ass lines. I love this show if you can’t tell. Does anyone else? Because most of my friends don’t even know this show exists. Wtf?! If you haven’t seen it yet, start watching it!! Episodes are on the NBC site and app for iPad & iPhones.

My Nana got me and my mom hooked onto this show when it first came out. I wish she could watch it now in the hospital she’s in. But then again, it might freak out her roommates….

Goodnight! And happy Friday!

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