Retail Problems: Yes, We Close in 2 Minutes

So I worked at JCP all weekend, closing shifts. And usually we aren’t too busy and people leave in a timely manner. Especially once we start doing closing announcements- which are 15 minutes before we close and every 5 minutes after that.

On Saturday, I had to make several announcements and even made one saying we closed in 1 minute. I almost lost my cool, and contemplated trying to say it in Spanish. We had an old couple wandering the store & a Spanish lady with her two kids who wouldn’t leave the dang fitting room. Now, I’m not racist, but Spanish families are usually the ones we have to shoo out whenever we close. THIS lady was driving me nuts. She was letting her kids run around everywhere & play with all the folded clothes. Then, as I’m ringing her up at 8:05 (5 minutes AFTER we closed) she asks me if she can use her coupon with her rewards. I told her yes. Turns out her reward had already been redeemed. Which, to be honest, happens a lot. People get their rewards mailed to them as well as popping up on our computer once we put in their phone number. It’s a common issue that drives us associates crazy.
Anyways, after getting mad about the rewards not working, I print out her receipt. Then, she tells me she wants her coupon- which I’ve already used- back. I told her once our coupons are used once, they don’t work again. This lady looked at me like I was retarded. Not to mention she tried to tell me that another associate told her it would still be good. When in reality, they told her “it’s good until the 25th.” I know we are supposed to say the customer is right but really? I’ve worked at JCP for over a year now & customers STILL think i dont know what I’m doing.
It all gets old. Fast.
On Sunday when we closed at 6, most of the customers got out fast. Instead, this time we had people stuck in the salon who didn’t have their hair done. I didn’t leave the store with my manager until 6:45!! The retail job is stressful, a pain, but everyone should work it at least once. Then, they would understand why we want you to leave when we close, why we have to close 1 fitting room early- to catch up. To not get in trouble for leaving a mess, not get off late, and not get paid over time when our store needs the money for our hours. For many reasons that I or other people who work retail could relate to. Even if you have done these jobs in the past, you understand.

It may sound like I’m complaining, but really, I’m just trying to spread the word to people.
To remind them, we are humans too. We love to shop, we love to talk.
But we also love to go home. We want to be with our family for dinner. Or get a drink with some co-workers. Or quite frankly, just go home and go to bed! Retail is a tough gig to play and in many ways, it can go wrong with the wrong look, word, or question. Especially if we are tired, in a hurry due to a line or just trying to close. We do our best to be kind, respectful and working in a timely fashion to get you and your new stuff out the door & on with your day.
So please, be patient with us, we are humans in a hurry to finish our day just like you are.
” Treat people the way you want to be treated.”
This phrase I learned in elementary school goes both ways; for us associates & for our customers. I always try my best to live like this in all my jobs that I have. You should too, even if your a stay at home- mom.


Thanks for reading!
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4 thoughts on “Retail Problems: Yes, We Close in 2 Minutes

  1. I was the opposite when I was in retail, but in a smaller box your sales goal is a bit more personally dooming, or so I’ve been told. I sometimes stayed open until ten o clock at night on Saturdays to earn more sales or make our store goal. Opened as early as an hour early on sundays and stay open until the customers were gone. But sales were a crazy passion of mine. 🙂


    1. See, the difference here is JCPenney is part of corporate America so we can’t just stay open or open early. We do what the company decides. I guess you can say it’s more stressful.


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