Valentines Day Sale

Hi there! As usual, the best time for sales when it comes to jewelry shops is Valentines Day. It’s always fun to see what guys pick out for their girlfriends, wives or whatever.
So, I am happy to announce that Stranded by Kylie via, is having a sale! And by sale, I mean coupon code. The code is for 15% off of a total purchase of $12 or more. It is a good deal, especially when you do the math and see the prices of my items.

Now, I have just over 100 jewelry items to choose from. I even have a clearance section! There’s tons of ways to choose.

This necklace (above) is $35. It’s called “Gravity” and stands for feeling like there is none at times- when your in love! ❤ lol

These earrings are simple, elegant and only $12. There are tons more earrings like these on my site.


There’s also tons of different looking necklaces to choose from. Pick the gift that fits the girl. It’s super easy right? Well, some guys would beg to differ..
Here’s the coupon code for Stranded by Kylie: CUPIDU15

If your looking for a Valentines Day gift that’s not jewelry, look on my other shop, KM Scarfs!

Enjoy shopping for the day of love!! ❤

All pictures from me, Stranded by Kylie & KM Scarfs
Link for shops:
Stranded by Kylie:
KM Scarfs:

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