New News is Good News!

So, as of today, I am now part of the creative writing team of !!! I’m super excited to be sharing this.

Now, anyone- and I mean ANYONE can write blogs as a creator for this website. As a huge Disney fan and a huge fan of movies, this site has everything to read about. It’s basically for super-fans! Like me..
Anyways, I just posted my first post about abc’s Once Upon A Time which returns March 1st!
Here is a link of my post.,share_fb,manual,manual
Please share it, like it, click it, comment. Do whatever!! I hope my original blog followers- that’s you guys reading- get to read it and enjoy it. I loved writing it.

Also, I strongly encourage people who love to write about movies and stuff to join this site team. I think I’m gonna have a blast. And there’s no time limit, no schedule, just post when you want! Easy, right?!
Enjoy! And thanks for being my first readers!!

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