Donate 4 Nana

So, normally my posts are pretty happy on here- minus a few vents here & there. But today, is different. I am sharing with you some background from the past few years that has changed my life…

Rebecca Holt who i call Nana, is my grandmother. She basically helped raise me. My mom was one of her youngest children who got pregnant, and had me as a single mom in 1993. Nana has always taken care of her family first. Weather it’s her mom, siblings, one of her 4 kids or 6 grandchildren, she’s always been there.
At age 64, Nana retired after working at Cal Poly for most of my life (about 16 years at the time). To celebrate, the whole family took a “retirement trip” with Nana to San Diego in early June of 2012. It was a blast! We saw many things such as the San Diego Zoo & Safari Park, as well as Sea World. It was a good break from the normal trips to Disneyland throughout the year.


2 weeks later, Nana had a stroke during the night. The next morning, we got her rushed to the nearest hospital. When I got the phone call from my Aunt, my life stopped. Nothing mattered but Nana that day.
Due to bleeding & swelling in her brain, the doctors decided to put a shunt in- which induced her into a coma. After many transfers for the proper care for a coma patient, we finally got Nana transferred back closer to home. This all happened in November of 2014. Also, Nana is finally coming out of her coma after 2 years!! It is so much better to have her closer to us. This way we can help her out more.

Here is where things get serious…
Her insurance covers almost all of her expenses except one type of therapy- Mneme Therapy. This program uses painting with pleasurable experiences to create whole brain communication, stimulating a natural process. Here is another catch: the local program is very expensive. Our family cannot afford to pay for these sessions. Nana used to paint all the time before her stroke. Here are some stones she painted in 2001.

During a “trial session” that Nana did last month, she painted this.

Amazing right? A family friend saw this on my Facebook and suggested a donation website to help us. So here it is! If you, a loved one, or a friend can, please go one the link and donate. Anything helps Nana. We just want to get her painting again.


Thank you for reading my long post. My family & I could really use some help. Please re-blog, share, or whatever to get this link & blog around. Like I said- anything helps! ❤

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