What IS “Fashion Forward”?!

In my house, we’ve been catching up on Project Runway Allstars. It’s been interesting because usually on regular Project Runway– the one with Heidi Klum- we are mostly spot on with the judges response. We know Nina will either love or hate every look ( it depends on her mood). And our views usually side just like Heidi. Also, Zac Posen is pretty good. But let’s face the music; we ALL miss Michael Kors. Right?! On Allstars, it’s a whole different judge panel. Good at times, stupid at others.
Now, I & my family are NOT big fans of Issac Mizrahi. So almost any of his opinions don’t agree with us. But otherwise, the other judges make sense…. Usually.

In the past few episodes, I’ve seen some ugly crap go down the runway. The whole house will be agreed even. Then what happens? The judges go completely ass-backwards!!! We’ll all be sitting there like- wtf?! It’s an ugly print that makes the model look like a clown!! See if you know who’s garment I’m thinking of… 😉
So, this got me thinking… What IS “fashion forward“? I guess it can be many things:
It can be- and mainly is- what the judges haven’t seen before. It can also be a modern twist on something everyone loves, like the little black dress. I also think, it drives mainly from taste and your personality vs. style. Either way, I almost feel I need to be educated on it at times! Lol

One more thing…. Does anyone else get this totally different, hooked on every minute vibe from the original Project Runway than when watching Allstars? I know I do! It’s almost like coming home after a long trip. Or some nostalgic feeling like that. And nobody beats Klum’s “Your in OR out.” With extra annunciation on the T. Lol


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