Scale in Size

This weeks photo challenge by The Daily Post is titled Scale. It means to show true size of something vs. another object. I have 2 different pictures showing this- as usual.

This first one was taken of my on my 1st trip to the Redwoods in 2011. I couldn’t believe how huge these trees were. If you’ve been to the Reds, you know how amazing it is.

This next one was taken last summer at the San Diego Safari Park. This shows their new tiger exhibit area called “Tiger Trail”. It’s beautifully set up. Anyways, in this area you can get close to see the animal. So here is my sister standing next to it. This shows scale mainly in their heads and how close the size is. Yes, Tigers are very big cats but their heads are not much bigger than our own. Here’s another picture of the tiger by himself. He was beautiful.


All these pictures were taken by myself or family members.

2 thoughts on “Scale in Size

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