Single Lady Vent

Yes, I am single and I have to vent. This has been bugging me for a while now. What better way than to write it out?!

Ever know of that guy who is with a different girl every 2-4 months? Or better yet, “see it” on social media? I have for the past 2 years. Same guy every time too. It’s reached a point where i dont know what the problem with the girls are. I mean, it’s always us not him right?
Or is it the other way around….

Now, I know it’s none of my business and I shouldn’t give a crap about how many girls he’s with. It’s not my life, it’s theirs. Blah, blah, blah. Oh wait… Maybe I have a small, tiny right to care.
Here’s a few reasons why:

1) This may come as no surprise; I dated the guy in high school.

2) MOST of the new girls- and by new I mean after me- went to my school if not being friends I graduated with.. Ya, pretty bad, huh? There’s no girl code for dating your friends’ ex I guess. Only bros have that… Lucky boys.

3) Almost ALL of the girls are from my hometown. He’s away on his job so he’s pretty lonely… (Insert old Akon song now.. “Lonely, I’m mr. Lonely…”)

4) In between girls, or once a year, he contacts me. And I want it to stop.. Like, right NOW!

See, there’s a ridiculous cycle he has that I’m not sure will stop until I am in a serious relationship. Even then, I can never be sure if I’m totally out of communication range. I haven’t been with anyone serious because I just haven’t met the right person. I know, most of you are saying ” she’s not over him.” Seriously though, I am. It’s gotten old quick. The whole, ” I messed up baby. I want my high school sweetheart back.” No. No more! I’m done. That crap won’t work with me anymore.
Besides, I’m in the dating realm & I’ve seen much better too. However, I’ve met your typical weirdos & one-nighters. None of them seem to want that commitment most girls look for. Especially if their only home for summer before they go back to school in Washington, Alabama or even as far as Alaska. But I am truly sick of the game! Plus, guys my age barley ask a girl out. It’s just a text saying, “Hey wanna hang?” And by “hang” it can often refer to as make out or have sex. If I wanted that, I would tell ya bro!

Of my ladies reading, how many of you have this problem? It’s probably at least half of you if not more. And do you ever wanna call people out on their bullshit? Like the whole “oh we love each other” after 2 weeks of officially dating. Sometimes I just don’t get how girls fall into this trap! I’ll admit, I did but I wasn’t so quick to spill the famous 3 words. It might just be lust. Either way, I should stop writing before I get myself into trouble with all this.

All my single ladies out there, put ya hands up & say “Amen” if you know how I feel. And here’s a quote from the famous Drag Queen RuPaul:
“If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?!”
I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race a little too much. Lol
Thanks for reading my quick vent! Sorry if I offended anyone out there… 😉

Picture from Facebook.

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