Valentine’s Day: 5 things to do for Singles

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This is my second year I will be spending it alone. I’m not crying about it but I want to do something at least.
I’ve compiled 5 things all single ladies- who have the day off- should do on Single’s Awareness Day.

1) Spend the morning sleeping in & relaxing.
I know I will be sleeping in as much as I can. Then I will have a quick breakfast and I’ll probably do something simple like read or knit. I like to take my mornings easy.

2) Buy yourself something nice.
Now, I will most likely buy something like chocolates or new makeup. I already purchased some new 3D MASCARA from Younique. I’ve heard these are great. A little pricy but it’s supposed to be worth it since it extends your eyelashes too!
Anyways, something for yourself that you either wouldn’t buy or was going to wait to buy works. Maybe I’ll make another order from Victoria’s Secret! Ohh la la.


3) Go to dinner at a restaurant.
Weather it is with other single friends, family or even your parents( which is what I’ll be doing), go eat something good. Don’t forget to order a drink as well! Take your time and enjoy it. Oh, and go a little earlier in the day. It’ll be less busy.

4) Go to the bar and get another drink.
I know once I finish my dinner, I’ll head over to the bar in the restaurant and get another drink. It’ll just make me feel better. If you go to a different bar is your choice. But just do it! This will be were we will most likely eat & drink in my town. Yum!


5) Go see 50 Shades of Grey .
I know it sounds cliche but it’s supposed to be a good movie. I don’t know about you but I can’t go see it with my family. Talk about awkward. And since I don’t have a date, I’ll just go anyways! Why not?


Last thing; don’t forget to get home safely. For me, the movies is right next door to the restaurant. It’s pretty chill. But if it’s not that way for you, get to the movies & home safely. No drinking & driving!! I figure I’ll sober up during the movie- it’ll be long. Lol

Enjoy Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day!
Love yourself first.

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