Disneyland Trip #70? in Review

I’m back! My birthday trip to Disneyland was a success- minus the rain on Sunday. I’m calling it trip #70 because I really don’t know how many times I’ve been in the 22 years of my life. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s not more. However, I figured an average amount I’ve been to Disneyland per year is about 3-4 times, give or take. I’ve had dry spells and then I’ve had 5 times in one year before. Therefore, 70 is a good guess. Here is some proof of my life growing up, always going to Disneyland. #disneyside 

This first photo was one of my first times meeting Mickey. And yes, we danced. 

 I believe I was about 3 or 4 years old here. I do miss seeing Pocahontas walking around. We were always at Disneyland! 

So, onward about trip #70. Saturday was great. Not too busy, not really raining. It was sprinkling- or spitting as my family & I call it. There also weren’t too many people in Disneyland. The busy part was in Hollywood of DCA, or in other words, Disney’s California Adventure. Now, in my last blog, I told you I would see what was up with the new Frozen Fun in DCA. Sadly, I didn’t get to see it. There was a 70 minute wait to get in thru meeting Olaf & the other side to just play in snow was 30 minutes. I didn’t have any of the kids in the family with me, so I decided to skip it. But that area of Hollywood looked very cute! 

The rest of Saturday was good. We also noticed that it was “Dapper Days” this weekend at the Resort. Everyone who knew about it were dressed in retro, dapper outfits that were really cute! I decided the next one of these- which will be this fall- I will join the dapper fun!! I just gotta get my friends involved. 😉 

The biggest part of the trip happened Saturday night. It was about 9:05 pm and my family & I had just gotten off of Small World. They made an announcement saying the fireworks would be starting in 5 minutes. Then it started to sprinkle again as we walked back to Main Street to watch the fireworks. By the way, the firework show on right now is one of the first ever shown, “Fantasy in the Sky” (I think it’s called). There’s no singing, just orchestra music from Mary Poppins, Small World, and two other old Disney songs. Literally, the show lasted 10-18 minutes. Shortest firework show I’ve EVER seen at Disneyland! It was done by about 9:40? This is what will show until the new firework show for the 60th Anniversary. Anyways, my family & I laughed about how short it was. Then it started to pour! We decided to get some desserts. After thinking, buying food & finding a somewhat dry spot to sit, it was about 10:30. Being addicted to social media, I got onto Instagram. As I scrolled down, I saw a photo like this (dated Saturday night instead of the next day) from one of the Disneyland lovers I follow, @disney_landia :

 Immediatly after reading this, my mind was blown. How did we not see anything? Hear anything?! We had just been there!! Another post followed this one which was a video of the fire. Yes, people were on the ride when this happened! Luckily, nobody was hurt. Being curious humans, my aunts & I went back over to the ride to see the damage. Sure enough, it was roped off by cast members just after the ride Storybook Land. From there, we couldn’t see any signs of a fire. So, I decided to ask a cast member where the fire was exactly. Of course, that was a dumb idea. The response I got was “Oh, i dont know & I can’t answer that question. You can direct your questions to the City Hall.” I could tell by her tone & expression that I wasn’t the first to ask. Disney security sure does their job! My aunt called it. It was all hush hush. Even the next day it was! 

So now, it’s Sunday. We had just gotten Space Mountain Fastpasses. While waiting, we decided to see if Small World was even open. Sure enough, it was! Here are a few photos of what it looked like & where it happened- supposedly. Lol 

 Now, this doesn’t look like much. Disney maintenance must have worked most of the night to cover it up. Even if it took spray paint, I’m sure they did it. The fire’s detail was explained more on this website link: Small World Fire There are actual pictures of it too. 

If you look closely, the fire occurred around & behind the “bridge” in the middle of the photo above. It was also on the tree behind. The tree looks a little singed & the bridge underneath looks blackened. We believe, it even ignited more due to a decorated tarp on the bush to the left (no longer there, now plain white). It was supposed to match the other side. But the ride still runs! You can see people in line in the middle of the picture below.

 So I must say, it was unexpected to have something like this happen while visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth”. But overall, the trip was great. The rest of Sunday was good. It rained more. It even brought out the ducks! Look at this momma duck with her baby ducklings! Can you say adorable?!

So cute! The ducks were everywhere during this trip. Looking for food, chillin under trees. I love how even inside a theme park, there’s so much wildlife. Did I mention how much I love this place? I really felt like a kid again this time. I even hung out a few in Toon Town! See?!

 I can’t wait to go back! I’ll be back to the Disneyland Resort hopefully in May. And then again for the 60th Anniversary in July. And then I’ll be onto trip #73! Or will it be #75? Anyways, check back for more of my photos from this trip, other ones, and future ones from Disneyland- my second home. If you aren’t following me yet, please do! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Photos by me. Also a screen shot from Instagram. Follow these peeps on Instagram: 

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