Etsy Sellers: Let’s Riot

So, most of you might have been reading the news online about Etsy drama. If your a seller on Etsy, you already know. Well, as a current seller- of REAL handmade items- I’m here to give you the scoop. Weather your new to Etsy as a seller or future customer, read up! It may make you think twice.

Lately, there have been many sellers coming fourth about how is no longer true to its origin: selling Handmade & vintage ONLY. I have to agree. It has taken a while, but I’ve noticed that certain Etsy shops are selling wholesale, cheap stuff. Oddly, most of these shops are from China and/or Asia. Coincidence? I think not! As they used to say in the TV show, MASH, “It’s always cheaper if its from China.” Due to its sudden lack of soulful, honest, handmade or vintage shops, Etsy is losing many shop owners who are also customers. One seller, Grace Dobush , has had an Etsy shop for roughly 8 years (since 2006). Now, she is being smart, closing shop & selling on other sites. I need to get smart like her and fast.

As stated in the above link, “Etsy has ‘alienated’ the crafting community by allowing” people to sell wholesale items from anywhere. It is hard because I just recently opened my second shop on I figured, opening a separate shop for scarfs would help generate profit for both stores. So far, nothing has happened to make selling easier. There are tons of sellers on Etsy. According to Tech Crunch, currently has 1.4 million active sellers. It makes it harder for my handmade jewelry or scarfs to be seen or found. How many of those million shops sell wholesale? That is something I am dying to know. I know other Etsy sellers would want to as well! I’m betting at least half if not more. And to think, I own 2 of those 1.4 million shops. Dam.

Earlier tonight, I read a blog/article that told me more info than I knew about Etsy. According to this article, Etsy Lost Its Soul, but That Doesn’t Matter to Its IPO , they noted that in 2013, Etsy changed its terms of service to publicly allow wholesale sellers. But really, how many were doing it already for a couple years & saying it was handmade?! Let’s get real. That number is probably more than Etsy wishes to admit. The above article also discussed the news from today about Etsy filing for a S-1 to “go public” and basically make more $money$. Their goal? According to several websites- including the ones above- Etsy is aiming to raise $100 million in the next year. Holy cow! I wish I could even make $100 in one year from alone! But with wholesalers, that will never happen. Etsy sent out an official email to its sellers tonight about its IPO filing. Here is a snapshot of part of the text. In my brain, it’s all lawer & insurance talk. And yes, I deleted it.

 So what does this mean for handmade sellers like me? Should we quit? I don’t think we should totally do that. Never go down without a fight, right? From what I’ve noticed, Etsy employees mainly are concerned about the customers experience, as am I, a seller. Therefore, most sellers double as customers. So why not complain a bit? If we seek out those wholesale shops, we can report them. Weather we lie & say their items for sale are rude or we tell the truth, this can be our form of rioting on Etsy’s “doorstep”. It’s gonna take us shoppers, members and anyone else to show them how they screwed up. Etsy lost its mojo years ago according to some other sellers. Either they fix it, or we leave! I’ve heard of new selling websites like Shopify, Facebook Apps, or even EBay. Old school! Lol I think starting in a few months, I won’t completely quit Etsy, but sell items on another site at the same time. When I figure out which one, I’ll let you all know! So to my other Etsian sellers out there who are truly handmade, let’s flood with bad reviews for wholesale shops, reports, and complaints!!! 

Until things change, I highly recommend my viewers check out my etsy shops. The links are at the bottom of the page. Like I said before, I sell handmade jewelry on one shop, and scarfs on another. Please help me out! Help others too if you can. Even a simple Facebook share helps more than you know. I’ve noticed I get more likes on social media than I do on Etsy. Even my Instagrams are blowing up! You can follow that too… 😉


Thank you for reading. Join the riot if you wish. The more the merrier!

– Kylie, owner of Stranded by Kylie & KM Scarfs shops.

Stranded by Kylie

KM Scarfs

All photos from Google or by me. Article links for more info listed in blue. Also used 

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