Colors of the Wind~*~ March

After doing a recent photo challenge from the Daily Post, I’ve discovered how I want to share photos even more! The recent challenge was using the color Orange. After numerous likes, I think I want to do a different color every month! Just think, a few photos (no more than 6) that include one color of the rainbow and its various shades. Talk about a colorful page I’ll have! Of course I’ll write a bit about where most of them are from if its needed. As much as I love to write, create things & read, I also love to take pictures. So here we go!!

This month’s color will be: Green

This is a recent painting from my Nana in her therapy.
This is a recent painting from my Nana in her therapy.

It is hard to believe that my Nana painted this (picture above) – with a little help- while coming out of a coma! It is so beautiful. I’m pretty sure I cried when I saw this 3 weeks ago. I also can’t wait to see what else she paints.

IMG_0408 A 4 leaf clover in jewelry!

This is on my Etsy jewelry shop online. It was so fun to make. It is also perfect for St. Patty’s Day this month. 😉


This one was from Alaska. So beautiful! And in the mountain, that’s a river that is frozen!!

IMG_6098 Corn fields in October, 2011.

Last one–one of me!~

145  Taken summer of 2013. I think it’s time for a new photo shoot  with my mom & aunt!!

Thanks for reading/looking at my new pictures in this post. I’m really excited to start this new, monthly post. If you aren’t following my blog yet, please do! See what color I choose next month….

Photo cred: me, Nana, and family photography business: Julie & Dawn Photography

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