Disneyland Pressed Penny Jewelry by Me!


Ever go on trips to Disneyland & collect those pressed pennies? I know I have several times. I believe I have 3 full books of all the pressed pennies from Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure(DCA). It was always so fun as a kid. Putting the coins in, pushing them into the machine & watching them drop down to be squashed into a beautiful picture of my choice. A shaped, textured art of a character or logo from Disneyland. But what do we do with them now? What’s the fun if they just sit in those collector books? Well, in my Etsy jewelry shop, I have taken these souvenirs & made jewelry with them! Exciting, right?! I know I may not be the first but who cares. I feel I have more variety & I am currently coming up with more ideas. I have bracelets, necklaces & now even earrings! Those are my favorite. This is a new pair I made earlier today.


Today, I had to call in sick to work. When I was feeling a little better, I finally discovered how to get a hole through the pressed quarters! So, ladies & gentlemen, I now will have pressed quarter jewelry in my shop as well!! It took a lot of thinking & I’m glad I figured it out. Here are some photos of what I did with the quarters today. I can’t share how I made them but you can see part of the process. These necklaces aren’t up on my Etsy site yet but they will be during the week!  


The quarters I had in my inventory were all princesses. Who doesn’t love them?! I can’t wait to get more. I hear there are new Frozen quarters! I’m SUPER stoked to get those soon, hopefully. Now, here are two of the necklaces I’ve made so far. And there’s plenty more to be made!! I can’t wait.


This is one with Ariel. Love it! It’s a little dark in the photo but don’t worry, that’s just the quick pic I took so I could write about them tonight. The next one has Jasmine and I think it’s my favorite! 

I’m so happy with the result. And these are just the first ones with quarters. The rest will be even better! 

Now I’m going to show you some of my other pressed penny work from these Disneyland souvenirs. I have much more on my shop, Stranded by Kylie . There’s a whole section of just Disney Pressed Penny Work. And honestly, I’m happy with how they’ve all turned out. I can’t wait to make more with different beads or styles. And, these are what sell the best on my shop. So why not promote more?! Lol  


Yes, I have custom orders available. Here’s how it works: you send me the pressed Disneyland pennies from your stash that you want made into a necklace (3 pennies max). Then, for a discounted rate & cheaper shipping, I make you the necklace! Now, you can choose to have “add-ons” of either a pearl or a strand of seed beads. You can even choose the colors! It’s a great gift, especially for kids. I made these for my 4 cousins & my sister for Christmas last year. They love them! My cousin Gavin has even worn his dog-tag style, Carsland & Pirates of the Carribbean necklace to school! Yes, the only boy of the family is showing it off! I must have done something right!! It makes me feel pretty cool when his friends at school ask about it. He tells them all about how I make them & sell them. Pretty cute for a 9 year old boy, huh?! 




In the end, I’m super happy with my product. It’s creative. Also, it takes something I love to do & combines it with one of my favorite places in the world, The Happiest Place on Earth! The prices vary depending on the item but they are pretty low. I mean, two pressed pennies costs over a dollar! And then I add extra beautiful details that no one else can. 😉 So please, check out my shop in the link above & spread the word. For Disneyland’s 60th anniversary this summer, I will be doing a presse penny jewelry sale!!!$$$!!! Not sure on the details yet but you’ll all be the first to know. Get your souvenir penny turned into something unique today!  

Thanks for reading! All photos are by me. Links to the website are in the story. 

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