Colors of the Wind~*~ April

Its time for the lovely color of the month & beautiful photos to go with it! This is pretty fun for me & people love photo blogs. So here we go: Purple 

Purple is my favorite color! This shouldn’t be hard. 


This is a purple & blue scarf I’m making. Soon, it will be sold in my etsy scarf shop, KM Scarfs. Its going to turn out beautiful!! Check Etsy shop: KM Scars soon! 


This one (above) was from the wonderful Cirque Du Soleil show I saw in Vegas. The MJ ONE show which was all music & dancing from Micheal Jackson! Loved it & I highly recommend it.


Now, I see purple every day on my cat, Alice! Her collar, which I bought on Etsy, is leather & beautiful! Here’s another pic.. 


The lighting was a little squirrelly but then again, Alice was moving a lot! But I love her anyways! She’s my girl. 

That’s all I’ve got for purple! The color is beautiful & so is my cat. Lol 


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