Night Routine for Alice: Half Way Point

Last Sunday I told you about how I was starting a new bedtime routine for my cat, Alice. This is a tip from Jackson Galaxy. Yes, the guy from My Cat From Hell.  I am told I’ve reached the hardest part, so I decided to post an update! 


The photo above was in my original post. If you missed it, read it here: New Night Routine. 

It has now been exactly 7 days of agonizing, long nights of Alice scratching & howling at the idea of our bedroom door closed… all night long. I will say, she’s had her moments of improvement. She doesn’t mess things up on my desk- unless she becomes frantic. Alice also doesn’t scratch as much as she originally did. However, she howls WAY more now. It’s horrible & loud. Another new trait she’s discovered is to dig in the pillows on my bed. Yes, that’s right. Dig INTO my pillow, like she’s digging for buried treasure! Wtf?! I’ve NEVER heard of a cat doing this to a pillow. Sand or cat litter, ok. But two pillows?! I know exactly what she wants too- she wants under my bed. After one night of ridiculous noises from under me, I blocked off the under part of my bed. So now, Alice can’t get down there. Great for me! Disastrous for Alice. When she howls, she also likes to stand on my desk & the doorknob. It’s pretty hilarious actually. 

I will say that on the second night, she tuckered out pretty fast. I mean, only 30 minutes in. I was shocked. So shocked I took this picture (excuse the messy room)- 


I thought I was lucky. I thought my troubles were over! But boy was I wrong! As I write this update, Alice is howling into the crack of the door, staring at me, and demanding my attention. I love her so much. But part of this trick to keep her in & to get her sleeping cycle closer to mine, I have to ignore her. It’s harder than it sounds! Believe me. 

I have reached the half way point and Alice is finally getting more sense. Of course she continues to annoy. On the other hand, she knows the best way to get my attention that she so desperately wants is to just sit on me.. Like she’s doing right now! Haha 


Yes, my aunts say the half way mark is the hardest, they also say very soon she will cave, and give up on the idea of me opening the door entirely. I can’t wait for that night! Life will be easier! And I’ll get back to getting solid hours of sleep again. I’m dying for that night. And believe me, I’ll write all about it! Until then, I will read and ignore my baby. Poor Alice. Wait… Poor me!

Wish us both luck. We’ll need it…. 


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