Disney Animals List: Cats

After much searching of my own for good Disney characters lists, I’ve decided to create my own! And I figured I’d separate most by animal species. How many lists like these do you see? Not many!! So tonight, I make my first of many Disney obsessed lists to come. This is a list of all the cats in Disney Animated films. And I’m talking all the classics, and most of the newer stuff too. There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s so if there’s animals from them I missed, please comment & tell me! I will not be offended. But on all the other classics and such, I know what I’m doing. 😉 Here we go. This is a long list! I’ll start way back in time… 


1) Figaro – Pinocchio (1940) Of all the animated films, Figaro was the first cat(black kitten in photo above). His cute black fur & play time with Cleo (the fish) presented more for Disney animals. Later, Figaro was also considered Minnie Mouse’s cat as well. 

2) Giddeon – Pinocchio (1940) Many people forget this cat who hangs out with Honest John the clever fox. Honestly, I almost forgot him myself! He doesn’t speak but is known for making his partner mad all the time. Plus, he looks drunk or something too!

3) Lucifer – Cinderella (1950) Wow. A ten year gap between cats! Lucifer was the plump, mean cat who belonged to the evil Step Mother, Lady Tremaine. He was very funny and tough when it came to dealing with mice in the house.   

 4) Dinah – Alice In Wonderland (1951) Dinah is one of the simplest & cutest cats ever created. With her orange fur and playful sense in the outdoors, I love her! 


5) Cheshire Cat – Alice In Wonderland (1951) Yes, there were two cats in this one. The Cheshire Cat is a special one but he counts! And it’s even better that he is pink!

6) Si & Am – Lady & the Tramp (1955) These Siamese Twins have to be together. I’ll admit, they make quite a mess, giving cats a bad name.  

7) Sargent Tibs – 101 Dalmatians (1961). My favorite movie! This cat is truly brave & is the brains of his farm. People forget about him often when thinking about this movie… 


8) Bagghera – Jungle Book (1967) This was Walt’s last movie he worked on. Based off the book, Bagghera, the Panther, is viewed as a wise character of the jungle. That explains why he takes care of Mowgli.  

 9) Shir Kahn- Jungle Book (1967) Shir Kahn, the tiger, was the “bad guy” in this movie. But some fire on a stick made him run pretty fast! 

10) Duchess – Aristocats (1970) This is another great movie! Duchess is the mom of her three kittens in their house. She’s beautiful & loves her owner. 

11) O’ Malley – Aristocats (1970) O’Malley is the fun alley cat who helps duchess & her kittens home. In the end, he becomes part of the family! 

12) Kittens – Aristocats (1970) Duchess had 3 kittens. Their names are Marie, Tuloose, & Berlios (hope I spelled those right). Marie is proper and so is Berlios but Tuloose is more feisty. 

13) Scat Cat & his Alley Cats – Aristocats (1970) Scat Cat is O’Malleys pal who was convenient rooming in his pad. Him and his 4-cat- band of swingers are fun & show everyone why the want to be a cat! 

 14) Prince John vs. King Richard – Robin Hood (1973) Prince John is a wimp of a lion who took over Nottingham when his beloved brother, King Richard, went off to war. Prince John does bring some comedy into the movie though. 

15) Dancing Flute Playing Cat- Robin Hood (1973) When they are dancing in Sherwood Forest, there is a cat who plays the flute and is dancing. He’s grey, wears a hat and it having a good time!!

16) Rufus – The Rescuers (1977) Rufus was the old cat of the orphanage. Penny, the lost girl, loved talking to Rufus. He shares his insight to Bianca & Bernard to help them find her. 

 17) Tigger – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) Based off the children’s books, Tigger is the adorable stuffed animal who is technically a tiger. He is one of my favorites!  He even got his own movie later. It gets sad but is still good!

18) Cat from the Black Couldron – The Black Couldron (1985) This cat has such a minor role, but he counts! He is Dallben’s pet cat who doesn’t do too much. 

19) Felicia – The Great Mouse Detective (1986) Felicia is the ultimate fat cat. She is basically the monster for Professor Ratigan’s band of mice. All Felicia wants is to eat a mouse, all the time. 

20) Oliver – Oliver & Company (1988) Oliver, the main kitten, is the cute orange kitty who didn’t get a home. After being left in the cold, he found a place to live with a group of dogs.  

21) Raja – Aladdin (1992) Raja is Jasmine’s beloved pet tiger. This “house cat” is the ultimate guard but loves his princess. 

22) Mufasa & Sarabi – The Lion King (1994) Mufasa, King of the Pride lands is Simbaa’s father, who dies in a tragical death planned by Scar. Sarabi is Mufasa’s mate and Simbaa’s mother who stays on pride rock even when Scar takes over. 

23) Simba – The Lion King (1994) The main lion, Simba lives a tough love and after his disappearance, learns that he must become who he truly is- the King. One of my favorites!! 

24) Scar – The Lion King (1994) Scar is Mufasa’s evil brother who wants to rule the pride lands. He does for a short time with the heyenas who eventually kill him when Simbaa returns. 

25) Nala – The Lion King (1994) Nala grew up with Simba until he left. The find each other & their love in the jungle. She also runs with the other lionesses along with Sarabi. 

26) Kiara – The Lion King II ( 1998) Simbaa & Nala’s daughter who fights for her love & overall peace between the pride lands lions & the exiled ones. 

27) Kovu – The Lion King II (1998) Kovu was supposed to be the bad guy but changes his mind when he meets Kiara. He was supposed to seem like a direct son of Scar. It is hard to tell with the time line though. 

28) Zira, Nuka & Vitoni – The Lion King II (1998) Zira is the exile clans lioness leader & is Kovu’s mother. She has a revenge out for Simbaa. Her older son, Nuka is a bit clumsy and scruffy looking for a lion. Her daughter, Vitoni has more strength than her brother and seems pretty smart. Nuka & Zira die & Vitoni joins Simbaa’s pride in the end. 

Lion King cast

Lion King II.. Back to the list!!

29) Snowball- Hercules (1997). No, he’s not a big character but he’s a cat! Poor thing has been singed from the recent fire in Thebes.  


30) Sabor – Tarzan (1999) Sabor is the evil leopard who kills Tarzan’s real parents. Tarzan kills him and prooves he is more worthy to be in the tribe… Or should I say family group??


31) Jungle Jaguars- The Emporer’s New Groove (2000). Remember that scene where Kuzco is walking thru the jungle and all those Jaguars are asleep? Yeah, still good. 

32) Yzma – The Emporer’s New Groove (2000). I know, this technically shouldn’t count. I’m only counting it because evil Yzma ends the movie as a cat. Which she turned herself into. 

33) Fluffy- Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) Fluffy, Milo’s cat is only in the movie for a few seconds. But it’s obvious he cares about her, or is it a he?… 

34) Captain Amelia – Treasure Planet (2002) Even though she is most likely a sub-alien- species of cats, she’s still pretty cool. Plus, tons of other people are counting her. So why shouldn’t I?!  

35) Mittens – Bolt (2008) Wow. Quite a gap! Mittens is a scruffy, skinny cat who kinda helps Bolt find his family again. She shares her insight about humans as well.

36) White Kitten – The Princess & the Frog (2009) This little white cat was only in the beginning but was VERY funny.  

 37) Mochi- Big Hero 6 (2014). This calico beauty is called Mochi. She lives with Hiro & his Aunt. And is the “furry baby” that Baymax meets.

38) Mayor Lionheart- Zootopia (2016). Mayor Lionheart is obviously the mayor of Zootopia who is a lion. He gets in trouble even though it really wasn’t his fault animals were going savage. 

39) Clawhauser- Zootopia (2016). Clawhauser is a cheetah who loves donuts. Obviously, he’s not a fast cheetah. But he is funny, runs the front desk and fits that cop stereotype! Haha There are also other cheetahs in Zootopia too, but they are more in shape.

40) Mr. Munches- Zootopia (2016). I think I spelled that right… Anyways, he is the jaguar who goes savage in Tujunga. 

41) Snow Leopard News Anchor- Zoot (2016). This lady is a beautiful, professional snow leopard. I know the news anchors in this movie changed depending on the country your from, so in the US, we got her. 🙂

42) The dancing tigers with Gazelle- Zootopia (2016). Does anyone else notice they are doing the salsa?! I swear, these tigers with glitter on them are my favorites! I wanna be one! There are also other tigers in the film too.

Shake it! 

43) Serlot- Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). In this new movie, there is a cat creature called a Serlot. It is with the Princess Namaari, the villain of the story. The Serlot itself is big & protective.

44) Antontio’s Jaguar- Encanto (2021). When Antonio gets his gift, he also gets his new companion, the jaguar. It is the big cat of the house and it’s awesome!

Well that’s the end of our list! You can guess that just about every character on here appeared in their ‘2’ movies as well. This complete Disney Animated Movies list shows everything from Disney! This helped me get all these dates right. Google, Disney, or I provided the pictures as well. 

Ive had tons of fun making this list the past 2 days. Granted, it took longer than I expected. But still tons of fun. Plus I love being able to go Disney Geek on here. I can’t wait to make the next Disney Animal List! So stay tuned… 

To end the night, here’s a picture of one of our real cats in our family named after a Disney Cat. We’ve had an O’Malley, Tigger, Figaro and a Dinah in the family too! Sadly, they have all passed. So this is our lovely cat Marie!  


Thanks for reading! 

Last updated: 4/6/2022


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  9. Mary

    The cat who plays the lute in RobinHood. He is in the scene where they’re celebrating in the woods. It’s a very brief scene, but he’s so often overlooked on these lists.


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