Music for the Mood III

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these! I’ve been feeling down lately so I figured now was the perfect time! Tonight’s song selection is from the lovely Meghan Trainor! The song is Dear Future Husband. Perfect, right?!


Now, we all know Meghan is pretty young and is a rising star. But what’s her background? I remember seeing her on the last season of Dancing with the Stars and being blown away by her performance. Fast forward to now, and all her songs from her hit album Title are being played at the dance studio & on the radio.  So here’s some of her background from her official site: Meghan Trainor

Miss Trainor landed a deal with Nashville music publishing company at age 17. She started writing songs for artists including Rascal Flatts! Now, she writes her own fun music. She wrote her first song at age 7! Crazy, right?! She has worked with several artists in her lifetime. Meghan is not afraid to be herself and it shows. I think that is why so many girls are drawn to her music. And it’s also, “All About That Bass”. πŸ˜‰ lol 

I love this young woman. Her music is creative and unique. She’s besutiful in her own way like every one should be. Yes, I follow her on Instagram. Don’t you?! I just watched her help coach on The Voice and she was so sweet! Also, I’m very excited because she is performing at my town’s local fair in July this summer!! I totally want to go!! It’s going to be great. 

Now I have to get to bed so I don’t have time to look for a YouTube music video for my song choice. Further, i dont know if she’s made one yet. Oh well! 

Enjoy her music & her! And let’s all learn to love ourselves. Nobody is perfect. I hope my future husband will find me soon…. πŸ˜‰ 


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