Bugs Buggin Me

I live in California. Since our last small bit of rain, it’s gotten extremely hot. It feels like summer most days. And that’s great usually. However, it’s even more hot in the studio I teach in now which means I should be wearing shorts. But that means I have to shave more! It sounds lazy, I know. Lol And sometimes showers are too hot on a hot day. But these are the perks of living in central California. 

Since I live in the country, there’s an abundance of bugs. Now that it’s warmer, most of them are coming in the houses for water or even food. They love cat food. Weird, right?! So now is when we see them the most. Literally, bugs & spiders everywhere. I HATE it! First off, I’m terrified of spiders. If I see one I’m always having my aunt catch it- she’s a tree hugger who catches the spiders in a cup and puts them outside. EW. I also hate pincher bugs. They are creepy and nasty. And you can guess I hate any bug bigger than that. Talk about panic attack! If there’s any bugs in my shower- which suprisingly has been a lot- I drown them. Another solution to all bug problems is my lovely cat, Alice. For my readers, you know who Alice is. And she is my bug catcher, 24/7! I love it! There are few bugs in my bedroom thanks to her. I can actually sleep at night a little better! This photo I took 2 weeks ago when Alice chased a mosquito-eater into the window. Those big things are her favorite prey… 


Yup. Alice to the rescue! But Alice missed out earlier. Tonight as my aunt was fixing the cats food, she picked up one if their bowls and revealed a whole pile of pincher bugs!! We both screamed. But of course, Aunt Becky put them in a napkin, and tossed them outside. Hippie. Well, she does work at a grocery store with a bunch of hippies & before that she worked in a nursery my whole life. Her & my Nana have always been this way. Two tree hungers in one family. And they think I’m crazy… 

Needless to say, bugs of all kinds- except butterflies & ladybugs- creep me out. Alice eats moths for breakfast. Those are the only bugs I truly feel bad for. Yes, they are big & look creepy but some don’t. And my cat is always the quickest to catch them. All the cats in the house love them. But the others mostly play with them, breaking their legs or wings. They do the same to spiders. It’s terrible! So I prefer Alice’s quick catch & eat method. I don’t see as much torture. 

Wait… Now I sound like a hippie.. Oh shit.  


Thanks for reading! I hope no bugs bug me tonight! 

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