Me and Alice 4 Life

All my life, I wanted to have an animal that I truly connected with. I got a cat when I was 5 for Christmas. Nikki. She was at least 3 years old and we believe had had kittens & lost them before my Nana found her. No, she was not the perfect cat but she was a pet. Nikki never liked me & only liked my Nana. It wasn’t until I was 15 that Nikki liked me after Nana had to move out so my stepdad could move in. I didn’t know her until that year. Nikki died a year and a half later due to kidney failure & possibly untreated diabetes. At times I miss her. However, her passing put her out of any pain & started a new path for me.  Looking back, I wish I had more photos of Nikki. All the ones I can think of are packed in a box at my moms house probably…

When I turned 17, I was itching for a new cat- I mean kitten- to truly call mine. My aunts had a littler of 6 the year before- just after Nikki died- and my mom & stepdad would NOT let me take one home. I was so frustrated. And I know who I would’ve taken. Even to this day, he acts like my cat too.. Lucky. He was the runt of the litter. Literally born without fur, he looked like a rat. Now, he has grown up & of course gotten fur. Next month, he & the other six- that my aunts kept- will turn 6. Just look at how cute he is!!  


For being my almost-cat, Lucky still loves me a ton. After I graduated High School, in late June of 2011, my serious boyfriend of the time wanted to buy me a cat since he was going away to college. So with little warning to my family, we went to pick one out at our local Humane Society. There were tons of kittens to choose from. I could’ve picked an orange kitten that I would have to wait to take home for a few weeks. But I wasn’t having it! I wanted to take one home that day. No ifs about it. I didn’t want a black cat because that was Lucky. No replacing him in the family. Finally, I saw this grey fluff playing with a toy. That moment I knew what kitten I was bringing home. This one..   

  This was when I first held my baby Alice. The next photo was the night I brought her home (same day).  SO ADORABLE!!

Alice was born in April of 2011. Alice was the perfect name for this cat. Curiouser & curiouser! Lol She loved my fish when I had some. She loves to play and loved to sleep on my pillow.. Still does today!  *Insert more cute kitten photos!* 

  Over the few years, she’s grown in several ways. She’s become more fluffy too! We’ve even moved into the aunts’ house with more cats than Alice may like but she has adjusted. This photo collage was made on her birthday in 2013 (2 years old).  It includes my favorite kitten photo of her in my bathtub. She still loves bathtubs today!  
 It is now 2015 and my Alice is officially 4 years old this month!! She is finally maturing (a little) and getting used to living now with other cats. Although, she will always be my princess. See if in the next photo of you can see a difference in her markings. I’ll give you a hint: look for more white!  

Yes, you can tell I love Alice & she loves me too. I know I post photos & blogs about my cat all the time. And no, I don’t think of my ex whenever I look at her. Yes, I’m thankful that he paid for her but that’s about it. She’s all mine. I think there’s times when she acts like me. If I’m mad, she’s crazy. If I’m sad, she’s giving me loves. And I think we have finally gotten on the same sleeping pattern. I know she will live for a long time and I hope I can continue to give her the best life. If I didn’t have Alice, I don’t know what I would do. This is odd to say, but she’s my rock. Being single is hard but this cat makes it just a little easier for the time being.  These next photos are from Christmas 2014 & this year. 


There has been talk in my house that I might possibly take Lucky with me & Alice when we move out eventually. I doubt my aunts will let him go. And I’m not sure if I want to change what Alice & I have without the other cats here. But then again, her & Lucky do get along. So who knows! 


So Happy Birthday Alice! My beautiful girl who I will always love. And happy early birthday to Lucky, my little man. Even though your not entirely mine. Alice will always be my treasure and best pet ever. 
Thanks for reading!! 

One thought on “Me and Alice 4 Life

  1. disneybeautynerd

    Your cat is absolutely adorable! I have two cats of my own and I don’t know what I would do without them. As weird as it sounds, they’re probably the best thing that’s happened to me. I really enjoyed your post and happy birthday to Alice! 🙂


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