Photo Edits App

Take photos on your phone and want to edit them? Or put words on them? Over editing app on iTunes is the perfect one! 

So some of you might have seen this App before. But I feel it is quite amazing. You can edit the color of your photo, and add words in any font or color. It’s great!! Just look!   

    Now, there is some artwork that’s pre-made like the phrase in the photo below or the arrow in the one above. Those you can pick the color of as well. You can buy more collections as well, including more fonts to choose from. You can create your own words, and change the sizes of everything. It’s fun! And whenever you post one on Instagram, it get tons of likes!! The one below I took at Disneyland on Autopia! 


This App is famous! For my Etsy shops, it’s easy to advertise on my photos with this App. It’s always been hard for me to find a computer program that would do what I wanted. With this app, I can do more than the simple computer edits. Anything that can help gain shoppers is worth my time!  

    This clean word addition helps me gain viewers even. If you haven’t seen this app, I dont know where you been the last year! I did this next one for my mom & Aunts’ photography business. This reminds me, I need to make a new one for this year! Anyways, last year it helped promote a lot. 


Like I said, this Over App is very nice. During Christmas they had a sale on select apps that normally cost. They were free so I took the chance and bought this app! One of my friends has had it for a while so I knew about it before. Since it’s no longer on sale, this App is I believe $7.99. I know, it’s costly but if you get a gift card, use it on that!! If you have a business, it is a must have. If you don’t, it is still fun!  

Thanks for reading!! And buy the app!

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