Colors of the Wind~*~ May

Its time for my color themed photo blog of the month!! For May, I picture Yellow. Don’t you? I love the colors that are usually with yellow too. Here’s some photos! Look for the yellow….

Yellow: the color of the wheat/ weeds in my home town.. No, I didnt take this photo.. My friend did! Lol Great shot, right?!

Onto the next….. 

Repunzel’s hair is yellow. And so is this tower inside Fantasyland at night. Taken on my last trip to Disneyland!

 This next one is at my favorite restaurant right now.. Buffalo Wild Wings!! Needless to say, I’m craving them right now.. Lol. 


And this last one was at my cousin’s last bonfire. Can’t wait for the next one! See the yellow on the top of the fire versus the red at the bottom? Trippy…. 


Thanks for reading/viewing! Hope you like my selection! Pretty artistic….  

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