Ruined Day

I had plans to make today great. I was going to start a new site to launch my jewelry shop onto. I was going to take photos of new items & upload them. But what happened?! My computer decided to die. 

It’s been alive for 5 years. For a Dell, that’s not bad. I had hoped it would last at least another year or two. My hopes were shattered after it wouldn’t fully turn on for almost 2 hours!! It would start and then get stuck. I even took out the battery, but it didn’t change anything. My aunts’ dad, Bob, is great with computers. He worked for Staples for a while as their tech guy. He did a test on it and the computer couldn’t find its own hard drive. Wtf?! If it can’t find it, it is less likely that I will be able to recover any of my files. 

I was bad and rarely backed up my computer. I have inventory files that I need for my jewelry & scarf shops. Without them, I’m screwed! I have photos that aren’t on Facebook so I can’t save them from there. Granted, most of them are on Facebook. But there are some from a time in my past that are nowhere else. There’s a good reason but complicated. And trust me, you don’t want to know why. Let’s just say they are from a time in my past when I was younger, and I should’ve ended sooner. It’s a part of me I think about all the time. A part I will never forget. People I’ll never forget. 

Then again, maybe it’s time to start anew. To have a clean slate and nothing from the past staring at me. 

So now, I have to buy a new computer. It really is the best option considering the computer’s age. It will be costly. I’m lucky I got a good chunk back from taxes this year. I just wish I could’ve used it on something else. I don’t know what but something. Bob is trying to recover some files but who knows what he will be able to get. It’s sad but i am more concerned about getting the inventories back than the pictures. Like I said, most of them are online. Even my shop photos are online! Thank goodness. 

I need some Disney to brighten my night so here’s two cute cartoons… 

Love it! And lastly….  

   Wish me luck! I hope we can recover everything & find a great deal on a better, newer, computer. Preferably an HP or Dell. 

Thanks for reading!! 


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