Shop Update

Hey there! As you may know, I have an Etsy shop or two. After much research, reading and thinking, I have now transitioned some of my jewelry items from Stranded by Kylie onto!

penny banner crop

I am very pleased to announce this news. Now, my Disneyland Pressed Penny items are on Storenvy as well as Etsy. I have to say, Storenvy is much cooler than Etsy. For example, when you add items it is way easier and faster. Plus, there’s less tags you need to add. Apparently, there have been people doing the full switch to this site from Etsy since 2012. I wish I had known that before I joined Etsy in 2013…


As well as people making the swtich, more shoppers have been on this sit as well. Granted, it is not AS MUCH as Etsy. But it is growing fast! What I also like about Storenvy, is that my jewelry is easier to find! I’m super pumped about it. Adding this site also upped my rank on any Google search. Badass right?! Yea, we think so too. I am still deciding weather or not to add more of my other items onto the new site. It is WAY cheaper than Etsy. It is actually *free* unless you want more customization to the site or more promoting done. So here is the link to my NEW Storenvy shop: Stranded by Kylie

In case you are more of an Etsy fan, here is that link too. There is more than Disney stuff on that site: Original Stranded by Kylie

DSC_2520 Oh yeah, this is one of my new items. Star Tours bracelet!!!! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!

Thanks for reading and shop small on Etsy or better,!

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