T.P.T.C= Too Pissed To Care

This is a short post so here I go…

Yes, I just created a new acronym. It’s how I feel right now. Ive had a rough day. I can’t even say tough week yet! This sucks. It’s been one thing that was huge enough to make most of my day not so great.

Ok, so work wasn’t so bad. I mean, we’ve had worse. But this one event from my morning kept creeping up into my head. Gave me a dam headache. I can’t even tell you about it. I know…sucks eggs. I can’t even properly vent! Wtf. 

Why am I TPTC? I’ll tell you. Every time I start to care, I’m shown why I shouldn’t. I’m proven wrong and made a fool. I was a fool to believe things would change. Things go wrong and I should be able to move on. When it’s with family or friends it’s a little more difficult. I’m going to seriously change how I react to certain things from now on. I just shouldn’t care. 

“Life is froughtless when your thoughtless. Those who don’t try never look foolish. Dancing through life!” -Wicked 

Thanks for listening. Sorry, no good pictures of inspiration today.

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