Sick Cats

Almost two weeks ago, my cat Alice, got a cold. Well, we believe it was a cold. Cat colds are similar to human colds but slightly different too. The good thing is, I can’t catch Alice’s cold.  

 Her symptoms were I guess typical cold symptoms. I’ve never seen a cat sick like this before though. Alice was sneezing like crazy and wanting to sleep more. Also, her breath smells. Yeah, cats have stinky breath due to their saliva but this cold makes it WAY worse! Then one day she had this nasty, slimy gunk in one of her eyes. We had to wipe her eye several times. Another cat symptom is that her “pinks are up”. That means the pink part of her eyes are showing (normally hidden) due to pain, swelling or even stress. This can be caused by any pain anywhere as well. It was bothering her so much that at one point, she refused to open her eye! See the almost wink below?  

 I was worried. I was even tempted to call the vet if her eye was gonna stay this way. But thankfully, it only lasted 2 days- barely. Alice’s sneezing fits lasted another week. Even today, a few have snuck up on her. 

As Alice has gotten better, one of our other cats, Tiger Lilly, caught the cold. My aunts have their cats, and I have mine. They share food but don’t sleep together. However, the aunts have more cats and I have just one. Tiger Lilly had similar symptoms and worse smelling breath, but no funky eye crap… Thank god! All that we’ve noticed is that she sleeps more and doesn’t move much. But for a fat cat, it’s not too different from normal. This is Tiger Lilly..  


Today, Alice is on day 10 (last day?) & Tiger Lilly is only on day 4. We were hopeful that none of the other cats would get it. But we were wrong! Today, 3 more started sneezing. It’s gonna be a long month of sick kitties! I just hope some of them have it shorter than Alice did. Wish this sick house of Disney named cats luck!  


Want to know all our cats? Follow my shop’s Instagram: @strandedbykylie and see what they’re up to every Monday. You can also find our Instagram on the widgets of our blog page. Oops, today is Monday! My shop Insta has created a fun weekly post: #Disneycatmonday !!!!! šŸ˜»šŸ™€ Join us every week to see what we’re doing. Have a cat with a Disney character name? Use the hashtag to share with us your special feline friend.  

 Thanks for reading!!! 

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