Colors of the Wind~*~ June

I almost forgot to do this post! And it’s never too late! June is a hard one for me to pick a color theme. School is out, summer is starting and I still have to teach for another month. Yikes. Back to this photo post.. I have to say, since I already did yellow, I can’t do it again. It is summer! So another summer-like color is Orange. Here are some photos…

My Nana just painted this in her therapy and I couldn’t help but use it. I love the orange sky & red-orange tree. It reminds me of an old song, Orange Colored Sky. I sang it in choir once and I just bought the original song. 

In my house, we have a lot of cats. Ironically, they are all related. This cat, Tiger Lilly, is part of what we call the” Orange forehead time.” Basically, all the calico cats & mixes that have orange on them are in this hunting club, so to speak. It’s a funny joke from time to time. 

   This photo I took a while ago of the California Poppy. Our state flower is beautiful! It’s yellow & orange hue is irreplaceable in my heart. And yes, I love flowers!

And last but not least, a beautiful country sunset. The sun just barely disappearing, fading up into blue. It looks like a movie. And that’s why I pulled over to get this shot. Sunsets remind me of good times, people I miss, and every memory I have all sewn together. I think of my Nana who always loved sunsets & the sun. I think of an ex-boyfriend and a Valentine’s date we had watching the sun fade into the beach. I think of summer and the future summers to come. I dream of who I will next share a beautiful day & sunset with. I can only hope it’ll be a good one. 
Thanks for reading!! 

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