Orange Is the New Black: Season 3.. FINALLY 

Netflix has really outdone themselves with this “original Netflix series”.  

If you haven’t already, start watching this show. NOW. if you have been watching, your just as stoked as me for season 3. It just came out last week! Now, I know there are tons of ppl who binge watched the ENTIRE season. Don’t get me wrong, I was tempted. But I think it’s better to spread it out. Then I’ll have less time to wait until season 4! Yes, it’s confirmed. They will be doing another season. SO STOKED!! 

So, now that you know there’s no spoilers, I’m gonna tell you about two new characters. One is not so new; Lolly. We met her when Piper went to Chicago during the court case in season 2. Now, she’s officially been transferred to Lynchfield. (Hope I spelled that right?)  this first photo was her and Piper on the plane to Chicago’s prison. 


This is her now in season 3….  


Personally, I like her. Weather she’s cool or mean, i dont know yet. But it seems already that Vause has a problem with her. Who knows! Maybe she’s a crazy bitch! We won’t know till later.. 

Our next “newbie” is Stella. With her hot, Australian accent, tattoos, and hot face that’s making all of us question our sexuality. I’m not the only one blogging about this either. There’s already been 3 posts on about Stella, Big Boo, & Red from OITNB. Anyways, Stella is a girl who obviously is lesbian and doesn’t care. Piper starts to notice her around camp and Stella is clearly flirting with her. And Piper likes it. Even though Alex Vause is back, Piper still likes to venture. Here is a picture of Stella, played by Ruby Rose.  


Oh yea, she’s probably blowing up your newsfeed on Facebook from the many blogs & interviews with/about her. Especially about this love triangle coming up.. 

In terms of characters, they also seem to be building on the lives & personalities of the staff at the prison. I kinda like where it’s going. It gives more insight & it shows them outside work! I have family members who work in prisons and I know their struggle. It’s nice to see both sides of the playing field.. Or is it prison field?! Lol 

 Lastly, I have to say I’m glad that F**king Larry isn’t returning. After last season I officially hated him. And I know tons of ppl do! I mean, it’s hard to not cheat when your fiancé is in prison, but really? Come on Larry!! Not Piper’s best friend!! Girl code= shattered. And there’s no “talking it out”. 

I love this show and I’m taking my time watching it. Other fans out there, I hope you are too! And if you haven’t started season 3, HURRY UP! Your missing out on some great back stories of inmates that we’ve known for a while. Your missing other things too! Like, sex. Lol 

If you like Disney too, someone creates this and I love it!  See if you can guess who is who.. 


Have a nice day!! 
* All photos found on Google or from Netflix. 


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