How to Make Your Eyes Seem Bigger

Thought I’d share this one. I use some of these tips already!

Alice's Wonderland

Hello, lovelies!

How are you doing? Today I leave you with a few tips and tricks to make your eyes seem bigger. I find that most people – myself included – try to achieve this look so I thought I would share with you some tricks to give the illusion of a bigger eye. Hope you find this post helpful 🙂

If only we could have been born with beautiful, big, Allison Harvard eyes…

1. Prime your eyelids

This is a step that everyone should do, whether they have dry or oily eyelids. To do this, you want something that is tacky so it holds the shadow longer. If you have dry eyelids, you can just use your concealer but if you are like me and have oily lids, then you really do need a base that will pick up moisture and keep your eye make-up looking fab for hours!


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