Stop Yulin Festival 2015

Rarely is there a world-wide, controversial issue that affects me to the core. There are only a few that I can think of that have bothered me as much as this one, which I just learned about a few hours ago. And if you haven’t heard of this yet, your gonna learn now!

stopdogmeatIn China, there is a city called Yulin. During summer is it’s hottest time of the year- like it is almost everywhere else in the world. They celebrate this astronomical event every year with a festival. This festival is an annual dog-eating one. Yeah. That’s what I said. They eat cats too! According to Time, this “tradition”- which started in the early 1990’s- is all superstition & folklore. People believe that “eating dog meat stimulates internal heat, making it a food that wards off winters’ cold.” Horrible, right? I mean, people have joked about how Chinese eat dogs but I never took it too seriously.. Now, millions of people are starting to get involved- including some Chinese even.


I just gotta say, this guy in this photo should be killed himself. All of these animals are beaten, boiled, cut open, and skinned to be eaten. You could almost say they are practically eaten alive. China has no law against animal cruelty- not that its not illegal everywhere else! Lastly, these type of festivals have been banned before in China. However, the people running this one claim that they aren’t doing it. Wtf? How is that not obvious?! What is worse, is that they steal dogs all over that country! Stray dogs, cats, and pets that have homes even. Some people believe this superstition so much that they provide their own meat. Yuck! Another website even says that eating this meat could spread rabies throughout their nation. I guess that’s karma. But I don’t think that’s enough…

Ok, enough graphic photos of the actual festival in Yulin. I can’t add more without crying. Literally. I may not own any dogs anymore, but it still hurts. I love all animals. One of my best friends when I was growing up owned a zoo. So, I learned a lot about being a voice for animals of all kinds. I do have a few cats. The photo above the last photograph hurts worse. So, me and millions of other people are spreading the word of this atrocity. There is a petition that people can sign to stop it. Literally, if you Google “Yulin Festival”,  you can get every detail you need. You also get way too many photos that will make you cry. Hence why I can’t look at too many. Animals squished in cages is enough.

On social media, there is some wildfire spreading about this as I stated earlier. On June 19th, people will be drawing a paw print on their wrist to show how they don’t want these people killing their pets. This must stop. Also, there is a hashtag that is going thru Instagram & Facebook. #stopyulin2015 Mostly, people are sharing the same couple photos of cute dogs with added phrases like “Please don’t eat me.” or “I am not food.” One that stuck with me was the phrase “I see humans but no HUMANITY.” To join in this media-wide protest, I took some of my own photos to share on this post, and on both of my Instagram accounts. Here they are. And I hope they inspire you to share something to your own liking.

IMG_1466 (2) Alice helping raise awareness.

IMG_1459 Marie casually helping raise awareness.

IMG_1461 Bianca relaxing & helping raise awareness.


Lucky & Jr. These two boys were excited to help take photos with me. For you dog lovers, here is one I found on Google for ya.


So, as if you haven’t been thinking it, how can people eat these harmless & loyal creatures?! It is morally wrong and I am glad that people are waking up. I am glad that it was a couple Chinese women who got this started this year as well. Pretty powerful. And somewhere online, people are saying as of tonight that the festival is cancelled due to this online hysteria. However, I only found it on 2 sites. So I am still going to “raise my paw” tomorrow to spread word. Also, I am glad that more local Chinese are repulsed by this as the few days have gone by. Even famous Asian actors & actresses are spreading the word thru social media. If you love your animals, you’ll do the same. Even if it is a cat and not a dog, it still helps. Hopefully, this will make it banned FOREVER!!

IMG_1456 (2) One last photo of my Alice before I go. Here is a photo that I saw on Instagram which started my search for answers. Whoever created this was a genius! stopyulin2015

Thank you for reading my post. I know it is late, but I needed to write about this. I couldn’t handle watching the posts, wondering if things changed. I decided to be one of many voices for our animals who don’t have voices of their own. Join me and raise your paw tomorrow. I’ll be sharing it on social media myself. Will you?


*All photos by me or found on Google & Instagram. Website links in writing.

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