Miss Cellophane 

Ever feel invisible? I do. I’m not just talking about when I’m driving and a car almost hits me on the freeway. Although that happens a lot. There are plenty of times when I feel actual people don’t notice me or even include me in things. It happens at one of my jobs often. Sometimes I feel it even happens in parts of my family. Everyone gets noticed now and then…. Right? 

“Invisible, inconsequential me…” 

Have you seen the movie/musical Chicago? Most likely you have. I currently feel like Amus, Roxie’s husband who nobody remembers or even tries to see. He becomes invisible through Roxie’s trial & time in jail. He gets mistreated often and then sings a song, Mister Cellophane. Well, I am the girl version of him. I hope I am more noticeable & more attractive but I could be wrong! People who know me sometimes don’t seem to care about my opinion, my ideas or even how my day was! It’s all about doing them favors and getting nothing back. I barely get a thank you! As it is, most of them never help me when I need it most. Sometimes I just need a hug.  

 “Cellphone. Mister Cellophane. Should I bend my name? Mister Cellophane…” 

Now that I think about it, it might be the era we live in, or it might be the job. But family members should always notice. It all gets very tiring, don’t you think? Although, that could be part of my personality- I always help people; I like to keep things good, be fair and make others happy. It’s a quality I got from my Nana & Aunt Becky. After a while, it totally sucks! I want to be more special. I do matter! Don’t people know that?! You’d think they’d notice it…. 

“Cause you can look right through me, walk right by me and never know I’m there!” 

 So what is it I need now you ask? I just want some time. Ok yes, I want attention. Now I sound like a kid. Great…. I want to go do things and get discovered. I want a bigger role in my job that I’ve had for 4 years now. I want to make a difference. Do I even make one now? I just want to get something in return for once- besides getting paid. Does that make sense?? It does to me. 

“Never even know I’m there…” (Que the sad musical ending)

 Well I’m gonna do better than Amus. I’m gonna stop giving in so easily. I’m gonna want some respect as well. And I’m talking from adults! Kids I teach get it. Sometimes they are the only ones who do. It’s odd how a child’s mind can see clearer than adults at times. That is how I’m gonna be. I’m gonna live in the now and not look back- on most things. There’s a few things that need to be mended first in some areas. I hope things can improve…

I’m moving on & up with or without you.  


Thought I’d add in motivational quote pics to help inspire myself and maybe others feeling the same. In this big world, it can happen to the best of us. 

Thanks for reading! 
*All quotes from Chicago, Mister Cellophane. All photos by me.

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