Colors of The Wind~*~ July 

It’s officially summer!!! And it’s time for my photo color challenge! It took some searching but I found my photos & my color! My color for July is Blue. Blue reminds me of beaches, skies & endless summer. Here are some lovely photos featuring blue shades! 

This was taken on my 2nd cruise to Alaska last year. I’ve always loved photos that have scenery. And this just takes me back to being in open oceans. 

This one I actually found in my old photos. It was taken inside ‘Lowes’ two years ago! I love Irises & flowers. I get the plant thing from my Nana & Aunt Becky. These were just so bright!! I wish it wasn’t so hot, we could have more around!

RUN FORREST RUN! I LOVE this restaurant & the movie. Last time I was at the one in Monterey, which was last month, I bought this lovely alcoholic drink. It was blue alright! Something about blue drinks has always attracted me to them….

One of my last ones is of Big Thunder mountain & ride at Disneyland. I’m dying to go back! I’m excited! Ill be back July 16th for the actual 60th Anniversary of the theme park I love so much. The sky just pops in this photo!



This I found on Pinterest a while ago. I thought it was fitting for the month & summer. So, take a deep breath and relax sometime this summer! Thanks for reading/viewing my photo color challenge post of the month. Can’t wait to have fun!

*All photos by me or found on Pinterest. 

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