Packing for Disneyland!

Im so ready for a vacation! I leave tomorrow night but I work tonight & tomorrow morning. So I have to pack now! It’s a little stressful but I’m doing it. I decided to write a quick blog to relax a little.. 

I’m going to be collecting pressed pennies for myself & to make jewelry with. Make sure to follow my shop Instagram to get updates on my trip! I post all kinds of Disney or jewelry stuff on there. And of course, I share it on Facebook. This is the Instagram name: @strandedbykylie  

  On the actual 60th Anniversary, we are dressing “Dapper”! The goal is to get visitors to dress like when the park opened back in 1955. It’ll be so much fun! I’ll write a blog with details on how it is when I get back from the trip!


Thanks for reading!

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