Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Trip in Review <3

Hi guys! I promised a blog about my fun trip to Disneyland for its 60th. So, I’m finally ready to deliver! And I have to say, there were TONS of people there!! “Ready everybody?? Here we goooooooooo!” -Peter Pan 

Isn’t the castle BEAUTIFUL?!?! Oh yes it is. I was SO happy to be back at the place I like to call home at times. I won’t tell you about the entire trip but I’ll tell you some crazy parts about the actual anniversary day- July 17th. 

First off, let me just say that if you come on the anniversary, plan to NOT go on rides. It is basically a day for shopping, people watching, taking photos and just enjoying being there. That also goes for the whole weekend. We were there Thurs.- Saturday and only got on the Haunted Mansion. I’m glad I knew that ahead of time. Sadly, I didn’t get to go on the Matterhorn to see the new Yeti. I also didn’t get to see the new “re-vamp” of Peter Pan’s Flight. However, I know I will for sure get to see them next time! 

Anyways…. My aunts had come for the 50th & told me that we would be getting up early to line up. Early as in 2 AM! After getting dressed in dapper for dapper days, we got in line around 4 AM. Yea, could you do it? By 10:30 AM we were dying. And we stayed until 11pm. But getting back to the early morning… The streets were even dead! 

 This next photo was of the line we got in. It was over by where the trams pick up people in front…  

 Crazy, right?! At around 5:30 or 6 AM, they started moving these lines to the bag check stations and onto the actual turnstile lines to get inside Disneyland. I took a selfie & snap chatted it!  

Thankfully, they opened Main Street super early and then opened the rest of the park shortly after. It was SO PACKED!! Just look at all the people at 8AM….  

Yea, needless to say it was wild. The rest of the day was great. But nothing beats those first moments walking in, knowing that 60 years ago that day, this beautiful park opened with Walt Disney himself, and some wet cement patches too. If you ever feel like being a crazy nerd, go on an anniversary day. 

By 10:00 AM, it felt like 90 degrees outside. My aunts & I were dying! They had a cute little Happy Birthday ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It was cool to watch but it got way too hot, fast. I think some brain cells got fried because I don’t remember much of the speech given by the director. As far as special things go for the day, that was it. Oh! And they were handing out FREE cupcakes ALL DAY! As well as these cute buttons like the one on my backpack in the photo below…  


Oh, and here’s a picture of my dapper day outfit, complete with Mickey ears!! 

The last big thing of the day for me & my family was seeing the new night time parade. Also seeing the new fireworks show “Step Into the Magic”. I can’t give details, you’ll just have to see for yourself! But I’ll give you two pictures as to hints of what you can see. Believe me, they are worth every minute!! 

Paint the night parade…. 

Start of the fireworks. In my opinion, nothing beats Disney fireworks. Ask any Passholder, they’ll agree 100%! 

I had a great trip. And the next day, it started raining! Wtf?! It was weird.. But that’s ok, I guess I might be going back for a few hours next weekend.. Who knows! I’m just happy I got to experience it all. And I have a gazillion photos! You’ll probably see them soon! 

Thanks for reading! Please follow my blog if your not already!! ❤

Goodnight loves! 

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