On the road again…. 

Yes, I’m going out of town AGAIN! This time is gonna be a little different trip. It’s to San Diego instead of LA. Also, we are taking my aunts’ other niece, it’s a trip they do for all their nieces & nephews for their 8th grade graduation/promotion; they take them to do something they’ve never done before. Maybe to see a show, see a different theme park or just a different town! It just so happened that my other cousin’s & mine was in San Diego too (several years ago)! It is definitely a coincidence. Yes, I’m excited but I’m also very tired…

Normally, I love going on vacation, 24/7. And I’m not complaining either! I just haven’t fully recovered from the trip last week for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary. Also, the only bummer for me is that I’m missing most of our local fair. It’s a tradition! On the other hand, my friends(the few I have) don’t seem to want to go dancing late at night like we have always done! It’s the fair, you gotta go dance at the outdoor bar Jimmy’s Waterin’ Hole. Oh yes… Very hick. Lol But what do I know? I have basically no friends…………… Jk..?

I’ve learned to take any trip I can… Especially when it’s offered for you to go, for FREE! That’s right! I know, it sounds like I have it easy. But I pay for my souvenirs and other expenses- except tickets- that I want while on the trip. And I have other family members that offer these to me too. I was the only one in the family for 12 fricken years!! What do you expect? We only live once, right?

Take what ya can… Give nothing back!” – Pirates of the Carribbean. 

It’s not my motto but it works. As I’m packing again, I’m falling asleep! I guess you could say I’m tired. I just hope I didn’t forget anything. Well, wish me luck on my trip! It should be fun! It took me a while to write a new post and I finally got my inspiration. Here’s a motivational/travel Disney quote I found on Google



I may be stopping by Disneyland on my way home. 😀 

Thanks for reading!!  

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